Montoursville Flower Shop Catches Fire Over Busy Weekend

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Floral shops all over the area had a busy weekend making sure moms got their mother's day flowers, but one shop in Lycoming County had something else to worry about. Their business caught fire late Sunday night.

After a rush of mother's day orders on Saturday, Nevill's Flower Shop in Montoursville was closed all day Sunday, but then they got the call that their business was on fire.

Home video shows the flames that destroyed a building and scorched dozens of bouquets at Nevill's Flowers in Montoursville. Last night's fire happened on the busiest weekend of the year for the shop.

"I was devastated. My son-in-law had called and heard it on his scanner. He wished me a Happy Mother's Day and told me Nevill's was on fire." Tina Gilbert

The owner of Nevill's, Rosemary Holmes, had closed the business on Sunday to try to relax. Instead she came back to find the flower shop's original building at the rear of the property on fire.

“It was a wooden structure, and we have a lot of things like ribbons and plastic buckets things that are combustible." said Rosemary Holmes.

There are still plenty of flowers to be sold at the business, which is why Nevill's is staying open with the help of a generator and some friends. Good friends including employee Tina Gilbert, who came by the shop to give her boss a hug. Gilbert says she spent most of the past week filling flower orders inside the building that burned down. Now the business is playing catch up to try to fill orders that were destroyed in the flames.

“There were things that were supposed to go out today. Obviously they are not going to make it. We have to contact the people and see if we can do something."

Juanita Mulberger came to order an arrangement. She's been getting flowers from Nevill's for decades. She's glad to see Nevill's is up and running.

“I don't know another floral shop I suppose. I was relieved to hear that it was only part." said Juanita Mulberger.

“Our existing flower shop with our show room and work area and refrigeration is up and running. We can still carry on our business." said McGregor.