Hazleton Cops Seeking Two Armed Robbers

armed robbery

HAZLETON — Police are looking for two men who robbed a woman on the street.

It happened around 11:15 p.m. Sunday on Alter Street in Hazleton.

Officials say one man pointed a gun at the woman and demanded her cell phone. When she handed over her phone, they also took her purse.

The victim was not hurt.


  • Ted

    Whadda you expect out of Hazelton??
    Ever since they brought all those illegals the place has gone to pot.

    • MsM

      Alter Street, where this woman was out is the street mentioned in the featured article. “Alter Street is known for its diverse businesses; a story in this weekend’s New York Times’ magazine described the area as a hub for heroin trouble in the city.”
      So either she was out shopping? Hooking? Dealing? Or Buying?

  • MsM

    A symptom of the heroin problem in your featured story about Hazleton’s heroin problem. The real problem is not resolving the revolving door of the addicts that go untreated out robbing people, and the dealers who walk out without even doing time..

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