Charges Filed After Apartment Tenants Allegedly Assaulted

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — Three people were hurt after allegedly being attacked by the former tenant of an apartment house in Monroe County.

According to state police, a human services employee showed up at the place on Arlene Drive in Effort Sunday to give medication to a patient.

Troopers say Eumir Aaron, 30, of Stroudsburg came in and punched the worker in the face.

Aaron then allegedly stabbed a man in the back with a fork and hit him over the head with a measuring cup. They said he also stabbed another person in the arm and stomach with a pen.

Authorities said Aaron used to live in the home but was transferred out about six months ago.

The residence is a home for medically challenged people, run by NHS Human Services in Stroudsburg.

Aaron is locked up in Monroe County on a number of charges including assault and burglary.


  • jeremy.w

    I new this guy personally, was a good friend over a decade ago. He is schizophrenic. Lars, Jim, Chris, you know nothing. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, then it is to open it and prove everyone right. It’s easy to judge people anonymously on the internet.

    • Chris

      Yea he’s a great guy. Stabbing people with pens and punching women in the face. Seems like a real sweet heart.

      • K

        Agreed, I don’t care how mentally-ill-poor-them is, if they’re a danger to others they don’t belong roaming about among us!

  • Joe Schmoe

    Hey WNEP! You need to stress the fact that this is a mental patient home, not a typically landlord/tenant house. Stop defacing all landlords!

      • K

        “The residence is a home for medically challenged people, run by NHS Human Services in Stroudsburg.” Medically challenged? I think they meant “mentally challenges?” Or is that politically incorrect?! I think it’s far more incorrect to go stabbing people IMHO! Enough with these loons, lock them up and throw away the key! People like this along with the peddies and baby-beaters!

  • PP McGee

    He should have no trouble getting a job in the Administration. They like hiring bullies who can help force their will on the people. In fact, I have a big p ecker tattooed on my forehead, and Eric Holder hired me right away, to threaten people at the voting booths. It’s a great job…and taxpayer funded. Yaaaay!

  • PooPoo Choo Choo

    Nice tattoo, loser! You must be a real tough guy. It’s cool to be the scary guy in town. You should have no problem getting a good, well-paying job with that beautiful artwork on your head though. Everyone can change. Pffft…

  • Chris

    This guy looks like he should live in a mental ward for that forehead tattoo. What a piece of trash!

  • jim

    what a beauty… i wonder why there are stereotypes- 80% have no father in their lives and they fill 80% of our prisons. hmmmmm……. more govt. money and freebies are the answer? Free housing, free cars, free internet, free food……..why get up in the morning to go to work?

  • Lars

    Lock this thug up and throw away the key for a while ! At 30 he should no better than to punch, hit and stab people ! Society sucks these days !

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