New Business Opens for Pets

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP --  A new place for pups opened Saturday so that they can get the rehabilitation they need in Luzerne County.

The new business 'Pawsitive Pup' held its grand opening Saturday in Plains Township.

Blue Chip Animal Refuge partnered with the owner of 'Pawsitive Pup' to hold an adopt-a-thon as well.

Folks with the animal shelter said the owner of 'Pawsitive Pup' opened the new business for a good reason.

"He opened this place because he wanted to do rehab for other people's dogs, he feels Maya, his French mastiff would still be alive today if there was a place like this," said Karen Danko from Blue Chip Animal Refuge.

'Pawsitive Pup' also does laser treatment, training and grooming for dogs in Luzerne County.


  • Concerned

    Do these people have any licensure or background in animal physical rehabilitation? Maybe their heart was in the right place, maybe they’re trying to make a quick buck off of people who don’t know better, but the fact remains that you can do some grave harm to pets if you aren’t properly trained and certified!

  • Keith

    This should not be allowed as these people aren’t trained or licensed in doing this. Shame on WNEP for advertising this without looking into the backround first. I am all for pet rehab, but only by licensed professionals and people who have been trained and received certification in it. Please, do not take your dogs here.

  • danielle Simmons

    I’m pretty sure that he is breaking the law. You need to be a licensed veterinarian or a licensed physical therapist acting under the direction of a veterinarian in order to do this.

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