A Dozen People Facing Prostitution Charges

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  • Me

    Other countries. It’s legal.

    USA is stuck in the roaring 20s and they are afraid to move forward !!
    This country sucks. It’s a dictatorship under Obama
    Freedom is gone …..

    • Edward

      Yeah you’re right. The 320s! The U.S is the most arrogant, stuck up, prissy, uptight, backwards, blood thirsty, greedy, murderous, and narcissistic country on the planet Earth!

    • Ted

      It was dictatorship long before Obama.
      And even George Bush.
      The Bilderbergs won’t rest until we’re back into slavery once again.
      Wkae up and smell the coffee people.

  • Greg M

    You think your area is backwards come on down to georgia, the nitwits voted down medical MJ for kids with seizures even though this oil cannot get you high. The voted down the medicaid expansion even Ohios Gov who is a conservative took it as a no brainer. So small hospitals are closing all over the state,we pay in and get nothing back, dumb dumb dumb. My college kids have it right this country will not move forward till my generation dies off, sad really.

  • B J

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about. Everyday men and women are having sex and not always with their own partners for free. I’ve seen men pick up women in a bar not knowing if they have a STD or not and have unprotected sex. So if they pay for it what is the difference? As consenting adults they make the choice to either protect themselves or not, which is why there are soo many fatherless children out there. They need to remember that one night of pleasure can bring a lifetime of pain and can be more expensive than just a drink …

  • E

    It is not surprising that prostitution is culturally accepted in this region. To view it logically, this area is known for, among other things, a very high rate of divorce and for men whom abandon their families. Because no decent woman wants a lowlife who refuses to care for their family, or made bitter by divorce, they will eventually to prostitutes for sexual attention.

  • angie

    I will agree that in most senses this is victimless crime except for any STD’s the “working” lady or gentleman may be inflicted with that may be spread tothe john’s unknowing and innocent family such as wife and children. HIV is not discriminatory. And I do agree 100% that pot should be legalized.

  • jhosk

    The police should go after the real criminals. These pros referenced here are providing a necessary service and should be let alone, along with their customers. In the meantime, while the law is still in place, the police need to look the other way. It is a victimless crime. I`ve advocated for years that marijuana should be legal, and you`ll notice more and more jurisdictions are making it legal. Not in Pa., of course, but we are often behind most other states in most categories. I`m prepared for incoming. I`ll duck and cover. Don`t hold back, all you with opposing views. Give me both barrels.

    • MsM

      So you don’t have a problem with our mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, and daughters engaged in the business of prostitution? Pretty nasty.

      • PP McGee

        MsM, In most cases around here, these women made a choice. Also, I don’t know about you, but none of the women in MY life have chosen to work in this dirty profession. Some people don’t see a problem with this kind of work though. As long as they are not forcefully harming anyone, I HAVE NO right to tell these women what to do. I know it’s a tough one, because we disagree with it morally, but if prostitution was legal, we could require working girls to get mandatory STD tests, so they aren’t spreading any diseases. As it stands now, everything is being done in the shadows, with no testing required. There are a few good documentaries on YouTube, regarding the legal brothels in Nevada. You can search for a good one that Louis Theroux did for the BBC. It really is a much better, and safer, way to handle this situation. The girls are right out there in the light, where everyone can make sure they are not being abused or lying about their disease status.

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