Woman Admits ATM Theft of $84,000

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  • Arielle

    I love how you all pass judgements like you are God himself. You are no better than anyone. And by degrading someone, you are the problem. Assuming she has a drug problem is an assumption you cannot make. Do you know her personally? No. You don’t. Was it wrong of her to do so? Yes. It was. And no one said it wasn’t. Let me just point out that I completely understand how the economy works. Unless you have a degree, you will live paycheck to paycheck. As did she. With 4 children and a grandchild. I can tell you she was not using the money to buy drugs. How about to be able to provide for her family since Leighow pays garbage and shouldn’t own any businesses anyway. Funny how she gets singled out but the woman who costed him almost 500,000 didn’t get charges pressed against her. Think before you idiotic people open your mouths. And retardation runs in the family? I’m actually very successful in my life. As are her children. Do you see me judging your mother for giving birth to an inconsiderate, moronic, asshole?

  • Jason

    Trash will be trash. Sneaky con is all she is and will be. I love the comment from Neice “she is making it right” Yea ok lets see how that goes. “She’s a good woman who made a mistake” I really like this comment. So a good hearted woman made a mistake? No a lying sneaky theif stole money month after month year after year time. Thats not making a mistake “loving neice” thats trash taking advantage of any situation it can and I’d bet money this trash will be at it again someday. They should have also reported that she stuck her landlord for $3000 around the time this happened. What a piece of work. Well now she’s prolly gonna go to to jail for a while all of us not on Welfare get to pay for her room and board.

  • loving niece

    For all of u who must know she did not do it for drugs or anything of the sort. your own ignorance is blinding.. was she wrong? Well sure she was! Is it your place to judge her, or ask why she did it? the answer to that is no. Tracy is a good woman who made a mistake and came clean on her own. Did she take from your pocket? No she did not! so before u all decide to pass judgements and call her a drug addict please for the love of god know the facts or shut your mouth. she is making it right thats all that matters. She is forgivin by her family and god, so in our eyes the rest of u dont matter. dont make her something that she is not.. thanks for your ignorance and all who want to pass judgements and talk lies can go straight to hell. bye bye now..

    • HeWhoShouldNotBeNamed

      Assumptions, lack of faith in your fellow man and ignorance only further drug problems and make users feel alienated and scared to seek help. I see nothing constructive in your comment whatsoever.

      • MsM

        What’s constructive about a thief? And what is so uncommon about thieves stealing what doesn’t belong to them for drugs? Or what’s constructive about that? People always say don’t judge? So we judge victims of theft instead of those who steal? It’s one thing to steal for food, however, $84 grand is a pretty hefty grovery bill no?
        “lack of faith in your fellow man and ignorance only further drug problems and make users feel alienated and scared to seek help,” Faith needs placed in God, our fellow man is fallen, users alienate themselves. We don’t alienate them out of judgment, but out of the need to protect ourselves and all that we hold dear and all that belongs to us that is rightfully ours. People need held accountable.

      • HeWhoShouldNotBeNamed

        Rappeezy I look forward to hearing your input when you experience addiction first hand. To answer MsM, there is nothing constructive about a thief and also yes there are many instances where the thief at hand was stealing for drug money. Correlation does not equal causation however. When did I judge the victim of theft? I was just stating that assuming this perpetrator was a drug addict is counter productive. The commenter made a sweeping generalization about drug users and thieves. We don’t know what led this woman to steal the money why must we make up our own answers? I stick by what I said we need faith in each other, not a comforting idea that something will magically make us all better. People often feel alienated and then turn to drugs, or they get into the drug crowd because they are alienated and are looking for somewhere to belong and don’t realize what they’ve gotten themselves into. People do need to be held accountable, I think we have differing opinions on who we’d consider accountable though. Practice empathy for your brothers and sisters of the Earth.

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