Teacher Appreciation Week Surprise

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Students at Wallenpaupack South Elementary School near Newfoundland used Friday as a day to say thank you to teachers.

"Without them we wouldn't have learned anything or we wouldn't have learned how to spell or do math," second grade student, Kyla Story said.

The celebration started with a BBQ organized by members of the parent teacher organization.

Parents and local businesses donated food and gift cards for the celebration.

Parents with the Parent Teacher Organization said they wanted to find a way to do something special for the school's teachers and staff.

"I don't think anybody realizes how much work teachers actually put in after and before school," PTO member Lisa Ostrowski said.

"We have a nice small staff here and they're wonderful to our kids. So we felt that it was important to show our appreciation," Jennifer Merceraeau, a PTO member said.

We told teachers on Friday that we were spotlighting the schools celebration for teacher appreciation week.

Little did they know they were in for a surprise assembly.

Even the school's principal was in on the fun.

"I think sometimes our teachers don't realize how much impact on the lives they have on these kids. I think it was very apparent to them today that they are making a difference everyday," principal Mark Kirsten said.

"They're very nice and my teacher, with multiplication, makes it easier for us to learn it," Frankie Toppi said.

For a few weeks nearly 300 kids worked with the schools music teacher, learning songs to sing to their teachers.

"I was impressed. I don't know when they found the time to practice that especially some of the kindergarteners, they did a fabulous job," school resource officer Brad Beach said.

"They looked very happy," one student said.

"It's just really a cool thing. To watch their faces to see them sing it was just a lot of funny," teacher Tammy Lavoy said.

After the songs kids and teachers watched a slideshow full of pictures.

The special assembly ended with kids giving handmade cards to their teachers, another way to say thank you.

Organizers Jennifer Mercerau, Lisa Ostrowski and Susy Toppi thank all parents and local businesses for making the celebration a success.