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Students Attend Life Skills Prom

MONTROSE — Students from different school districts in northeastern Pennsylvania attended a prom in Susquehanna County on Friday, but it’s not your typical school dance.

The prom at Montrose Junior/Senior High School is part of the life skills program for students with intellectual disabilities.

“I am doing the life skills prom and it is a blast,” said Dawn Geiger a student at Montrose.

“I’m dancing, hula-hooping and all that fun stuff,” said Zachary Townsend from the Mid Valley School District.

The life skills program helps students become more independent.

Teachers said it’s important for every student to have the opportunity to go to prom.

“It gives them a sense of independence that they can do what other kids can do, and it’s just a good thing,” said David Schank, the life skills teacher at Montrose High School.

Sixty-two students from Montrose, Elk Lake, Blue Ridge, Forest City, Lackawanna Trail, Susquehanna and Mountain View districts attended the school dance.

“It’s really fun and you get to all this nice stuff with other kids. It’s really cool,” said Townsend.

“It is fun because I get to learn people’s names and make new friends,” said Geiger.

The students love the excuse to get all dressed up, Geiger said, “Because I get to wear a dress that is very pretty. “

The prom for the rest of the high school seniors at Montrose High School is on Friday night.

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