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UPDATE: No Verdict In Murder Trial

SCRANTON — After two days of deliberations, there is still no verdict in a high-profile murder trial in Lackawanna County.

Friday was the second day of deliberations in Jason Dominick’s trial on murder charges.

When attorneys seated a jury in this case two weeks ago, they didn’t expect the trial to last this long. That has now created some scheduling conflicts with jurors.

It’s been about 16 hours since they started deliberating and they may be further from reaching a verdict than they were when they started Thursday afternoon.

Jurors have to decide whether or not the defendant Jason Dominick is guilty of first-degree murder, third-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

One juror was excused around noon Friday to go to a family member’s funeral and one of the alternate jurors was switched in.

Over the course of their deliberations, jurors have asked to look through forensic evidence found at the crime scene when Frank Bonacci’s body was found in his SUV in July.

We have been told that if jurors don’t have a verdict by about 6:30 p.m. Friday, they will be sent home because of another scheduling conflict with a juror.

Attorneys and police officers prosecuting this case say they’ve never experienced jury deliberations this long before.

For complete trial coverage, click here.


  • Pete

    Jem is an idiot. If anyone could see that, there wouldn’t be a jury with issues on convicting. The kid was in the car when it drove out in the train tracks. He is much bigger than pal. Anyone that thinks he’s totally innocent in this is a clown. Would you be eating at a diner with someone threatening to kill your sister?

    • JEM

      Let me make myself perfectly clear….if someone just killed one of my best friends in front of me and threatened to kill my family. You are damned I would do anything possible to prevent them killing me or them. The only thing I do not agree with when he removed himself from Pal’s presence he should have told someone of authority what he knew. So I do believe he is guilty of that….but protecting his family and being scared of someone that you just watched murder someone….I would be eating toast at the diner also…what did Pal have to eat after “supposedly” watching his friend kill someone????? Probably a full course meal!

      • Pete

        Pal is just as guilty as this piece of garbage that is true. According to you as they were driving Jason probably thought they were going to watch the stars at step falls.

      • JEM

        I believe neither of the two knew where they were going…Pal could of said they needed to meet someone there….I still hear exactly what you are saying…but still believe Pal is the complete murderer hear!

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