No Criminal Charges Against School Official

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MIDDLEBURG — The Snyder County district attorney says no criminal charges will be filed against a school official.

Daphne Snook is currently suspended without pay from her job as interim superintendent in the Midd-West School District.

Authorities were looking into whether she broke any laws by reading emails related to the district’s search for a new superintendent.

Snook, who was acting superintendent, expressed interest in applying for the job, was told by the school board president to stay out of the hiring process, but Snook looked at the emails anyway. The D.A. says the district’s computer/internet policy gives the acting superintendent authority to look at emails, so no criminal charges are warranted.


  • n

    WNEP left out the part where the viewing of emails concerning the superintendent search was an incidental byproduct of reviewing emails to address an unrelated personnel issue, which is precisely the (interim) superintendent’s job. Way to sacrifice facts for drama, WNEP. The board president used the school email system to send information he wished to remain private despite the district’s email policy which grants administrators unrestricted access to emails, and which flat-out states that “there should be no expectation of privacy” in the school email system. The board president (and his lackeys) tried to pawn their mistakes off on Snook, and Abate in particular set out on a personal power trip to drag her name through the mud. Abate and his goons need to hit the road so the district can get back to focusing on what’s important, like the education of our youth.

  • PooPoo Choo Choo

    Nice. Getting the police involved in a matter of workplace policy, where NO CRIME was committed. You would think that school officials would be smart enough to recognize that. These are the people responsible for instilling knowledge in our children…wonderful. Another waste of taxpayer dollars. “John Doe called in sick when he wasn’t really sick…CALL THE POLICE!”

    • PooPoo Choo Choo

      The way things have been going lately, it will probably be the one who can touch the most pee pees that will get the job…and they’re crying because this lady was reading emails. Woop-dee-doo.

  • Randy

    Hay Mr. School Board President, doesn’t that kick you where it hurts, If I had anything to say, your job would be done !!!!

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