Music Teacher Charged With Corruption Of Minors

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CARBONDALE -- A music teacher in Lackawanna County was arrested Friday on charges of corrupting the morals of minors.

Steven Dixon, 27, of Scranton was brought to the Lackawanna County district attorney's office to be charged.

Dixon is a music teacher at Carbondale Area High School. Police say he was inappropriate with some of his students. Now they are charging him with corruption of minors and giving alcohol to minors.

Police started an investigation at Carbondale Area Junior Senior High School because the school had raised concerns about Dixon's behavior with students.

"It was highly inappropriate and illegal and Carbondale will not tolerate this kind of behavior," said Carbondale Area School District Superintendent Joseph Gorham.

Court papers say students thought of Dixon more as a friend than a teacher. At least one student admits smoking marijuana with Dixon and says Dixon bought him alcohol.

Police say there was also misconduct inside the classroom. They say he told middle school students in his class that he masturbates and told them that he thinks about them sexually.

"When we hear these type of allegations, they are concerning. They are frustrating. When we have somebody who is entrusted, not only by the school district but by the entire community, we certainly expect much more," said Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Mariclare Hayes.

Dixon is the second high school music teacher in Lackawanna County who was charged in a case in the past year and a half.

In Februray of 2013, Matthew Stevens, the band director at Lakeland Junior-Senior High School near Montdale, was accused of having a sexual relationship with a former student.

Stevens has not yet stood trial on those sex charges.



    • MWM

      Because there are white people around that AREN’T pervs to report them and turn them in as it is Frowned upon in our communities and NOT considered “the norm”.

    • Brian Snyder

      I think you meant to ask why are most people being charged white, not why are most white people being charged. So are you saying that more than half of all white people are being charged? Or are you saying that more than half of all people being charged are white?

  • nahdamean

    I have known Steve Dixon for some time now. I know the great things he has done for the school’s music program. Whenever he talks about it, it is with great pride and rightfully so. I know he has suffered great losses within the past few months that I cannot even begin to fathom what that experience is like. I do not know what truly transpired, just like EVERYONE else that is commenting on here. What I do know is that Steve is a good person who deserves the full benefit of the doubt. And enough with the lame jokes on here. If uncreative comments about the man’s attire is all you can think of saying, keep those simple-minded thoughts to yourself.

  • Ajs

    Steve Dixon is an exceptional friend to my family since he entered my life 2 years ago. I see how ppl have brought up his parents dying young, unnecessarily , and within 100 days of each other. Let me also say in his defense, I have never seen that hat. Besides, Judging someone because of their hat? Really?

  • Carbondale Band Mom

    My son has been in the Carbondale band for 3 years now, I hardly believe what is being said is 100% the truth, Yes he has talked to his band kids about pot, BUT telling them not to make the same bad mistakes that he has made in his youth, and yes he told them he loved them. Love like they are his family. These kids are all he has since both of his parents have passed away since November 2013, and i believe both to suicide. I also know that there has been some rift, raft between the band teacher and the principle. Perhaps things are just being a little more twisted and made out, to be more then what it really is. The district wants the band gone anyway due to the rising costs, and cut backs. This man took 5 kids and turned that into the huge band it is today,These kids looked up to this teacher and went to him for help. The sexual comments? never !!! Not this guy, the one or two girls who said this are liars and these girls have been known to send nude snap chat photos to boys in the school. So before we all judge what is being said about someone lets take the time to listen to the facts and let the judge decide if this is BS or not, I’m sure not one person who has made a post on here is perfect. I wouldn’t doubt if most of those making comments here have had issues themselves. I’m not one to make bad comments about anyone, I’m a professional involved in healthcare. But the biggest problem in today’s world is that everyone thinks they are the judge and jury and really never take the time to look in the mirror and see who it is that’s looking back at them. Freedom of the press is a terrible thing at times, innocent people are guilty before proven otherwise. and on a final note..for a man that was so bad and did so much wrong to his students, these kids where on facebook trying to figure out a way to raise money to get him out of jail. Now that says alot.

  • rich

    This comment is for PP McGee. So if your child was dealt drugs by someone or molested or otherwise corrupted in some way would you still feel that way? If someone injected heroin in a family member or child of yours that gave them a disease or caused death would you still think we don’t need more or tougher drug laws? I’ve known people from all walks of life that were addicts or family of an addict. There are no exceptions. Society isn’t what it used to be and now with all the synthetic drugs available and doctors writing prescriptions for pain meds for things that we used to take Advil or Tylenol for. Parents putting more and more kids on medication for ADHD. Yes I’m sorry but I feel we need tougher drug laws. The state raised the punishments for dui. New York made it mandatory jail time if they get caught driving impaired with a child in the car. Our tax dollars are being wasted on who knows what every day why not spend some of them on something that’ll possibly protect our children? You’re entitled to your opinion and I am also. Thank you.

    • MsM

      I agree with you and JSR on just about eveything, especially the psych drug thing. Pills that mess with brain chemistry coupled with stimulants given to CHILDREN! Awesome. Does anybody pay attention to the side effects of this poison?
      Teachers do not get paid very much, but they get many benefits in other ways. I think they should get paid more, however, getting paid more to enforce the liberal agenda leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
      And for the rest of you with your thumbs down in defense of this guy and looser drug laws?
      So he lost his parents? Lots of us have. Stop making excuses for bad behavior in adults people! Adults need to be adults and arrestedly-developed-overgrown-kids with beavioral problems. Adults shouldn’t have behavioal problems! Oh wait, didn’t we used to call those criminals?!

    • Eamonn

      Educate yourself. You say, “Our tax dollars are being wasted on who knows what…” That statement alone shows your ignorance. I do know what our tax dollars are being wasted on: THE INEFFECTIVE WAR ON DRUGS.

  • Hoof Arted?

    Stupid teacher…you should have known that one of these kids was going to rat you out for being a weirdo. Don’t mess with kids, you dummy! smh…

  • jellystoneranger

    The public school system from Carbondale to Hazelton is a joke except for a few exceptions. The old pay for teachers position through the local Democrat political hacks is alive and well. This is how you get an Elmer Fudd like this guy! Instead of hiring the best teachers based on many qualifications you get the best teacher the school boards WANT to hire. Throw the lawyers in the mix and you can’t discipline the degenerates that are allowed to go to school with the good kids. Discipline and respect does not exist in this world anymore! The two things in school that made better citizens out of dirtbags 40 years ago does not exist . The consequences are not strong enough to deter these people from doing these kind of things. The unions will fight to the death for this clown to keep his job coming up with every excuse why he did what he did.

    • Citizen

      My children go to Carbondale and they have quality teachers. I am very pleased with the care they have given both my boys. My one son has an IEP and medical needs. They have gone above and beyond and the new superintendent has been wonderful. Yes some teachers have gotten their job because of who they know. But that is everywhere. I do not agree that the teachers nor the education both of my children have received is a joke.

      • jellystoneranger

        You of course are entitled to your opinion. My opinion is based on facts . Just look at the ” Quality ” of the individuals over the last 25 years . There are so many homegrown losers and scumbags that it is shocking. Bad parenting is number one, women with multiple sperm donors is another and a public school system throughout the area that is structured so the participants are all making money off the taxpayers and using your children like pawns through strikes and contract negotiations. Extortion is what it is ! Yeah , great system . I can see why you are proud of the education your children are getting . Low expectations .

      • MsM

        Well that’s all good, and we’re happy for you! But something still must be done to weed out the losers smattered thruout the system!

      • nahdamean

        @jellystoneranger: Citizen’s opinion is based on first-hand experience, or FACTS if you will….

    • mdog

      Jellystone and for every 1 caught are there 5 more just like that one?
      Think of the possibilities, agreed 100%

    • Danielle

      You know nothing about me. I think he should be prosecuted for his wrongdoing. But I do not have low expectations. I am an educator in another district as my husband is. I have a child with medical needs in this district and he is very smart. They have gone above and beyond for him. My other son does very well there. You have no idea how much I Advocate for my children and the expectations I have. I hold my children and the district to a higher bar than most. So before you make a comment regarding me and my expectations, know you are speaking to a well educated teacher looking out and advocating for my children. There are many highly qualified teachers looking out for the best interest for my children as well
      As others. I respect their daily jobs.

      • jellystoneranger

        You are clueless . Educator are you ? You should be outraged at this so called behavior shouldn’t you ? Your teaching methods these days are putting a video tape of Dances with Wolves in and letting the kids think that is a lesson on Western History ! You are ALL stealing from the taxpayers around here sweetheart! You are a typical Democrat suckling at the teat of the taxpayers. You think you might be getting special treatment because you are an ” Educator “? Huh ? You know what seperates the good students from the also rans around this area ? Heavily engaged parents who are educating their children at home far more then you so called “Educators” could possibly accomplish. Liberal agenda my A$$ ! Continue to steal your paycheck for Nine months out of the year. You know what the old saying is don’t you ? Those who can do. Those who can’t teach !

      • Danielle

        Jellystoneranger I first of all work with multi handicapped children and behavioral children. I don’t know what you are talking about putting movies on. I do not work 9 months out of the year. I work all year round with these students. I am outraged by the behavior. I do not condone this. But what you need to understand is I do advocate for my children and educate them. I also hold the teachers to very high expectations. You have no idea what I teach my children or the standards I make sure they are working up to. I am a heavily engaged parent as my husband is. I absolutely agree with you as far as needing to weed out the teachers who do not work hard and perceive putting in a movie as a form of education. You also have no idea the kind of students my husband deals with every day. I am a taxpayer, I am not ripping myself off. I appreciate the hard working teachers in any district and hope that the teachers who don’t do their jobs move aside for educators that are willing to go above and beyond. I just received my masters and I didn’t do it for a higher pay, I wanted my kids to see that education is important no matter what. Before you assume you know what kind of parent, educator and person I am, ask questions. I never defended his actions nor will I. I don’t feel bad for anyone that talks to students the way he has. I also don’t appreciate you thinking you know my values. I have a child that has special needs and I have fought hard for higher standards for him. My kids know how important education is. That is partly due to our involvement with furthering our education, great teachers and being engaged in their education. So sit on your words.

  • rich

    It just goes to show you that nobody is above drug abuse. We need stricter laws on drugs and child molestation. And a better handle on the education system as a whole. Like drug dealers up for 10 years a dealer who deals to children 15 minimum. Possession and use 5 years. Our kids deserve a chance. Oh and just because a school has trouble handling a child doesn’t mean that the child has ADHD and needs to be medicated. Teachers make enough money I think to much

    • Citizen

      What in the world are you talking about?? Lol. As far as how much teachers make. I believe the person that takes care and is responsible for 25-30 kids daily should be paid appropriately. And as far as their pay they have bachelors, masters and some doctorates and continue to go to school. I would hope that you would respect a person that cares for children. Unfortunately there are people that make bad decisions whether they are doctors, cops, realtors, bank tellers or teachers. I am not sure what direction your conversation was going. It was a little scattered and hard to follow

      • rich

        You’re right they should be paid appropriately my point is 20 years ago we had text books had to take notes in school and read books. Now they get papers printed off the internet. And for the second part. All the schools are cutting subjects and offering the kids less. Are they more educated than we are? The class sizes shouldn’t be 25 – 30 kids. A day care worker is only allowed 4 per adult. And the last part the district where my small children attend tried to force us as parents to medicate our 6 year old saying she couldn’t handle him and went so far as to lie on the conners report trying to show that he had ADHD instead of looking into the fact that he is autistic even though we gave the school all the test reports and diagnosis we had already gotten. I had to contact the state education board just to get the school to cooperate. Where do all our tax dollars go? Why is there certain athletes that play multiple possisions while others just sit on a bench? Can you tell me that?

      • Citizen

        I don’t know where your child goes to school but we still have texts for both my kids. Also textbooks are supposed to be a tool not drive our curriculum in schools. And I don’t know what subjects are getting cut. I don’t know a school that is cutting their subjects out.

    • PP McGee

      Yeah Rich, that’s just what we need…more drug laws, because that will prevent everything. Five years for possession? What is wrong with you? It amazes me, how many folks still haven’t learned the lessons of alcohol prohibition. It doesn’t work! Ah, why not? Let’s build more and more prisons and fill them up with non-violent offenders. Let’s just keep wasting our tax dollars. We aren’t wasting enough. I’m not speaking specifically about this story. I’m talking about your bad ideas, that would ruin even more lives. SMH…

      • rich

        I’ve seen first hand what drug abuse does to a family. I’ve also seen what being molested does to a person even after they become adults. If the dealers were to face more than maybe a year in jail and an addict were to face maybe 30 days and 6 months probation then just maybe it would deter a dealer from becoming a dealer and an addict from becoming an addict. My wife was molested and she became an addict.she was first molested by her step father then a teacher she trusted and turned to when she was 12 years old tried to rape her so yes I stand by what I think about drug use,drug dealers and anyone who would molest or try to rape a child. I prey you and nobody you know ever has to go through any of it.

    • MsM

      Anybody who thumbs-downed this comment needs to stick their thumb up their elsewheres. So drug-dealer, users, and child-molesters should continue to get the tap on the butt and put down for a short nap and that’s why this area is going down the cesspool! These ignoramuses have no clue that they’re giving these kids “legal meth,” in addition to mind-altering drugs that have severe caridiac side effects in addition to abnormal behavior, suicidal thoughts, and depressoin. How does that make any sense?
      Maybe this guy was put on one of those AD’s because he was depressed at the loss of his parents..maybe that will explain away his untoward behavior?!

  • uncle stosh

    Teachers ain’t saints. Yet you know they still have ethics to follow. Teachers should set a standard. But come on folks I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard this type of tale.

  • Amanda Ormes

    I had him as a teacher and he was a great teacher never once did i see or hear him act inappropriate.

    • Christine

      Amanda, i know. He’s never been anything but professional to my knowledge, and I have a son in CA, in both the band and marching band. This whole thing has me very upset.

  • Christine

    Although i do NOT condone Mr. Dixon’s alleged indiscretions, this is a good man and an excellent band teacher that did wonders with the H.S. band, and the marching band since he started at CA. I am definitely interested in the proof the prosecution has on the charges.

    • Citizen

      Christine I absolutely agree but sadly yes he did say those things to students. It saddens me. He did a great job but unfortunately he said those things in a 1 day span. I’m saddened what happened. He did a fabulous job but he did those things.

      • MsM

        It is unfortunate that there are some of mind to think that they can do that one VERY bad thing because they do 100 good things. It’s not about judgment, it’s about consequences. But it is true that certain individuals in certain positions should realize that more is expected of them morally and ethically.

  • MsM

    Scranton AGAIN?! I wonder if the gov is paying attention to what’s going on in the state education system? What a bunch of white trash we have for teachers these days! Pervs, PotHeads, and Hay-Stack Hoes!

  • Me

    No wonder the youth of Pa is lost. We have judges sending them to detention centers for kickbacks
    Teachers violating young kids to get their jollies
    And now we have a pot head for a teacher. What, no random drug testing in Carbondale school district????

    This whole state makes me want to puke.

    Filled with nothing but jackasses !!!!

    • Citizen

      I don’t believe any schools have random drug testing. There is more to the story. I congratulate the district on the proactive approach they took as soon as they became aware or suspicious. They didn’t ignore, acted quickly and took action. Thankfully he wasn’t able to continue the behavior. Teachers can be trusted unfortunately there are always those bad apples that try to spiky the bunch.

      • MsM

        I know there are good teachers out there, but clearly something must be done. And NEPA doesn’t have the corner market on “teacher trash!” 40 yrs ago in NYC, a science teacher in our middle-school was having an affair with a 15 yr old. He was 52. Her mother didn’t mind. So sickening. They finally fired him. There MUST be stricter guidelines across the board for them. Not that there isn’t, but quite a few of them these days don’t seem to mind breaking the rules. What does that say about their character? No fear of God, no code of ethics..

        “Not many of you should become teachers because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. 2We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, must be able to keep their whole body in check.”

      • Concerned

        Yes ther is alot more to the story that no one knows except the people involved. Mr Dixon has been through a rough few months losing both his mother and his father in very short and unexpected ways. I do not by any means condone what has happened or his character around those students but prior to all of this happening he has done great things at Carbondale.

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