Most Popular Baby Names of 2013 Revealed

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WASHINGTON — Michael and Jacob, your reign has ended.

In 2013, for the first time since 1960, a new name unseated Michael or Jacob as the most popular for newborn boys. That’s according to the Social Security Administration, which releases the list of most popular baby names each year.

The new king’s name? Noah.

Sophia held the top spot for girls for the third year in a row, though Sofia with an “f” is crawling up the list: The latter reached its highest spot ever, at No. 13, the Social Security Administration said.

The names tend to reflect pop culture’s influence on naming trends. The names Jayceon and Daleyza made the biggest jumps in popularity in the top 1,000. Jayceon rose from 1,051 to 206 from 2012 to 2013, while Daleyza jumped from 3,715 to 585.

The fastest riser for boys, Jayceon, is the birth name of the rapper know as The Game. He has a reality series on VH1, “Marrying The Game,” which follows his life as a rapper and father of three. The show premiered in late 2012 and started having an effect on naming trends in 2013, the agency said.

Daleyza’s rise might have resulted from the influence of a popular Spanish-language cable TV series, “Larrymania,” which airs on mun2, the agency says. In the show, Daleyza is the young daughter of Larry Hernandez, an American regional Mexican singer and reality TV star.

Rounding out the Top 10 names for boys were Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden and Daniel. The top names for girls were Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emiliy, Abigail, Madison and Elizabeth.


  • Joe

    Heres the problem, plain and simple.
    “The names tend to reflect pop culture’s influence on naming trends”

    These are “Human Beings”!!!!
    Not a toy or a pet!
    Yes people have the right to be Mindless Drones, that are too sucked into Mainstream BS to think logically or for themselves!
    But that does not mean they are right in any way what so ever!

    People wont ever stop surprising me to the point where my head hurts!

  • Eileen

    The great thing about this country is freedom! People have the choice to name their children whatever they want! You may not like it but it’s not meant for you! I had a baby last year & named her Julia after a great great aunt. I liked it & didn’t worry if anyone else approved! EVERYTHING IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY

  • Maria

    Some of those names are very different. I would not personally name my child that. I’m not sure many people can pronounce them correctly. Imagine going thru life telling people how to pronounce your name. Ugh!!!

  • jim

    what kind of names are those ????????????????? , maybe we can call them tylenol, advil , or any other meds those parents should be on. daleyza —— jayceon !!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Schmoe

      How about aardvark, influenza, or chitty chitty bang bang? Whatever happened to tommy? Idiot people having idiot kids, setting them up for certain failure with names like jayceon, dalyzea and hexagon!

    • Lance

      you should change your name to douche…do you really think that people from different cultures, ethnicities, religous backgrounds, and races should all be named Jim?? You need to learn to change your thought process and adapt to life instead of living in the past and repeating history, how about creating a new beginning and a chance for the young kids to have a higher success rate in life

    • ME

      What kind of names are they???? I’ll give you one guess. It wouldn’t be poticially correct to say what ethnicity it is, but you only need to think about it for a minute.

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