Electronics Seized and Sold

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SNYDERSVILLE -- About 20 different electronics were up for auction Friday morning in Monroe County.

Some were a steal, going for only a fraction of their actual cost. Each and every electronic was confiscated from criminals convicted of drug related crimes

Flat screen TV's, computers, iPads and an all-out bidding war in Monroe County. County detectives say all of these items previously owned by people convicted of drug crimes.

"When they're arrested and put in jail, it's a badge of honor for them, but when we take their assets away from them, that's when it hurts them. And that's why we have this auction here," said Monroe County Chief Detective Eric Kerchner.

Mary and Precious Coardes of East Stroudsburg outbid more than 50 people for a laptop for $175.

"Well, she's going to college so she'll have her own computer to take back and forth now," said Mary Coardes.

Others bid high for things they really wanted.

"I got a speakers," said Muels Llapa of East Stroudsburg.I pay $100."

These guys hauled away this TV for only $12 with a cracked screen, and say they have plans to turn a profit.

But this auction comes with a bit of a catch. None of the items are actually guaranteed to work, so it's up to the buyers to beware.

"It's cheap enough that if it works, you get a year or two out of it, great. You know, that's all it's for," said Dan Hill of Effort.

Buyers could inspect and test out the items before bidding began, like these ladies did before bagging the biggest TV of the day, a 70-inch flat screen for $500. Actual retail price is usually more than a grand.

It's all money that will all go back to the drug task force in Monroe County, something detectives say is essential.

"Very important because probably the majority of the burglaries in Monroe County are from drug abusers," said Chief Detective Kerchner.

The auction today brought in more than $2,500 for the county. Detectives say they'll have their annual car auction next Friday. Those cars were also seized by the county's drug task force as well.


  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    More evidence that the main objective of the “war on drugs” is to make money, either by stealing the possessions of minor offenders, or by getting more federal tax appropriations for each person incarcerated. This really has nothing to do with drugs. It’s just an excuse for the government to steal more money from the taxpayers. I wonder what percentage of those offenders were actually forcing harm on someone else. I’ll guarantee it wasn’t 100%. Probably more like 5%. What a sad state our nation is in. :-(

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