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Cops: Man Hit Ex, Her Boyfriend With Car

jeffrey golden assault mug

NANTICOKE — A man is accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend with his car in Luzerne County.

Investigators say Jeffery Golden, 19, from Mountain Top ran into their car Thursday in Weis Market’s parking lot in Nanticoke, and then ran into the woods.

The woman was taken to the hospital.

Golden is facing assault charges in Luzerne County.


  • edward

    For those of you saying jeff doesnt have anger management issues or that hes a good kid then your blind he deals drugs and he is a woman beater and a cheater she left him because he hit her and kept cheating on her also he went behind her back and was trying to get into her best friends pants. Even if someone makes you mad it doesnt mean go and hit them or try to kill them, it means leave the situation and dont look back. I feel bad for the women out there that are too afraid to speak up about domestic violence because they love the perdon that is abusing them and are afraid to get hit more if they speak up.

  • Antonio

    Dude, when I was that age girls loved me 1 week and out with someone else the next behind my back ! I am not saying this girl did this, she may have got rid of you for your temper, but even if she moved on to something else and hurt you, YES it hurts ! But there are plenty of fish in the ocean, and that right girl is out there, just calm yourself down for your own good and those around you ! It won’t make her comeback, I do not OWN my wife, even after many years IF she leaves me for any reason, I cannot go act wreckless it won’t solve nothing !

  • eg

    he does have anger issues and no she did not drive him crazy he was just obsessive and would not leave her alone to the point where she was scared and just gave in cause she loved him and still does but that does not give him the right to hit her with his car.

  • kayla jones

    He doesn’t have anger issues she just drove him insane. I warmed him she was bad news. And look at where she got him. I’ll stick by you noatter what Jeff. I love you.

  • Hoof Arted?

    Poor guy…the woman seems to have driven this boy crazy. It’s not worth it, man. Chin up, and move on. You can’t go around hitting folks with your car. If she’s got another man, you don’t need to be messing with that stuff anyway. There are plenty of women out there.

    • edward

      What would you and your friends have done if someone hit you… One of you would have chased the person now would you have not. Dont try to make jeff out to be the victim i have hung out with jeff plenty of times and he was already crazy especially when he didnt have drugs in his system. Jeff is far from being an angel. As i said human nature makes people react instinctively and go after those that wish pain on themselves.

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