Chopper Lands In Throop, Causes Commotion

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THROOP -- People living in one part of Lackawanna County got a bit of a surprise Friday when a helicopter landed in a field near Pearl Street in Throop.

Some neighbors say they watched in surprise as a man got out, walked to a nearby store and came out with soda before taking off again in the chopper.

"I heard this noise and I actually thought something is going to crash into the house. I didn't know if it was a plane or what it was," said Julie Nagle of Throop.

"I didn't know where he came from or who he was or how he knew there was even a market there to go down to," said Karen Obelinas of Throop.

After the surprise landing, neighbors said they watched in disbelief as a man got out, went into this nearby business and came out with soda.

"The one guy waved. There was some people over there taking pictures and video and they all waved," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Some neighbors said the biggest question they have is if the pilot was allowed to land the helicopter in the field. According to aviation officials, it is a complicated answer, but generally speaking, a pilot should have permission from the landowner.

"My son-in-law and I thought they were going to come out and start taking over, we didn't know," said Nagle.


  • PP McGee

    “I didn’t know where he came from or who he was or how he knew there was even a market there to go down to,” said K***n Obel***s of Throop.

    WOW! Are you serious? You’d swear the guy came from outer space or something. The AMAZING thing to you, is the fact that HE KNEW there was a market there? Gee…maybe he was a psychic…a flying psychic from outer space. They always find the most interesting people to interview for these news stories.

  • uncle stosh

    I thought he was trying out to be the new pilot on account of WNEP bringing back Skycam 16?

  • daniel

    I heard a man bent over to pick up a penny in throop, the button on the front of his pants popped and it caused a commotion!

    • tjess

      the Russians where coming to invade in a single bright yellow helicopter everyone watched in horror as the Russian ran to the closest convienant store because it was convienant to get a red bull but everyone peeping out their curtains swear he stole the red bull got his wings and flew away but not before he waved everyone in Lackawanna County was in shock that the Russian pilot and his bright yellow helicopter was gone in the blink of a eye the County people are up in arms and on guard after the Russians invaded their only field…..

  • Sean

    That looks like the helicopter they use to stretch the new power line across the roads. It stays at a warehouse in an industrial park up the road from that mini mart I believe.

  • Steve

    It looks to me that it’s the helicopter they use to stretch the new power line going up across the roadways. It lands and stays in a warehouse in an industrial park up the road from that mini mart.

  • Regina

    Are you even kidding me. Do you even call this a story?! The news station obviously was running low on stories to talk about. Hehe
    Nobody cares about a man going into a gas station!! Get real people!!! You obviously have too much time on your hands! All the snow this winter has caused people to be delirious. You need to concern yourself with more important things such as go volunteer to feed the homeless, read to the elderly in nursing homes, etc. Instead of trying to be pink panther get off your couches do something!!!

  • Jim Brony

    As silly as this article is (and in other news, rider on the Sklooosh at Knoebel’s gets wet, authorities looking for clues in this disaster) at least it isn’t about a shooting, stabbing, vehicle accident, meth, rape, perverts, embezzlement, or a fire in (name any town). I would rather the ‘news’ be about Joe pilot who needs to wiz and terrifies local bumpkins than all the trash and civil scourge listed above. Oh, and the FBI and terrorist groups don’t ‘take over’ small towns in bright yellow helicopters, they do it at night when you are sleeping with large black helicopters that have hi-tech silencers on them – you’ll never hear them coming. Sweet dreams.

  • Phil MCraken

    This story is ridiculous!!! Those news reporters should be embarrassed. Terrorists in a chopper? How did you find these people? Throop please get a life, report REAL news instead of BS. The FBI wouldn’t land near your homes, your not that important.

  • lol

    What a joke this story is. I can’t believe wnep would publish such nonsense. This article makes Wnep and the residents of Throop sound like idiots!

  • Garrett smith

    You people spend less time worrying about drug dealers then a thirsty pilot is top news? Wtf

  • Julie

    In today’s world you can’t be too careful so if we were idiots so be it
    But there are nuts out there every where in today’s world

  • Furtive Bulwark

    It’s a dam helicopter people, not a freakin invasion! OMG, the comments from these people make it look like Throop is the land of idiots

    • Furtive Bulwark

      Furthermore, why is this even news in the first place? Helicopters land all over america every day…..

  • John Krupa

    He went to that lil gas station by Scranton craftsmam I believe he landed @ the old marjol site!! Thet where it look like and I seen them there with a big camera around 4.30pm today! !

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