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Two ATMs Stolen on Route 106

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CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP -- Thieves have stolen two more automated teller machines in Susquehanna County. This makes three in the Clifford area since April.

Surveillance footage from the Clifford Laundromat on Route 106 in Susquehanna County shows that two men entered the laundromat early Wednesday morning, threw the ATM to the floor, and ripped out the wires from another camera.

The whole thing took only 50 seconds.

When you watch that surveillance video, you can see the pickup truck backing up and then shattering the glass door, But what they didn't know was that door was unlocked.

State police believe a dark colored Ford pick up from the late 80's or early 90's then drove down Route 106 in Clifford Township to another store.

A short time later, the thieves took an ATM from Lunkerz Deli. Again shattering the glass door and ripping the camera out of the wall.

Melissa Hernry owns Lunkerz Deli and said you can see the marks where the thieves dragged out the 200 pound atm and now, it's going to cost her.

"With the ATM, the money that was in it, the door, the camera system and everything. It's going to be about $8,000," said the deli owner.

Henry said after this ordeal, she doesn't plan to put another ATM in her deli any time soon.

"Very violated. I was very down yesterday, but today is a new day," said Henry.

People in Clifford say these crimes have many businesses owners - especially those who have ATMs - on edge.

William Conklin regularly uses the ATM machine are the laundromat. He said, "I live in the Clifford Hotel and he just put one in and now everybody's thinking, is he next?"

Last month, there was a similar burglary at Finch Hill restaurant between Clifford and Carbondale.

Again, three people smashed the doors and stole the ATM.

State police have not confirmed if all three cases are connected.


  • Tax paying citizens in the Valley

    Well, get out to your town meetings and vote for a Police Dept., might cost the citizens more, but you get what you pay for. This is going on everywhere, but having no police dept. will only increase the amount of crime in the area, COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!

  • Arvin

    It’s too bad those can’t be equipped with a GPS tracking device in them….it seems like common sense since the technology is there.

  • Missy

    200 lbs? A couple of motivated meth heads could handle that. They need to weld a 300 lb weight to the bottom of these.

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