Troopers: Thieves Steal ATM from Laundromat, Deli

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CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP — State police in Susquehanna County think the same robbers hit two businesses on Wednesday looking for the same thing.

According to troopers, someone broke into Clifford Laundromat and Lunkerz Deli, both on Route 106 near Clifford, sometime between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

The burglars made off with ATM’s from both businesses.

Anyone with information is asked to call State Police Gibson 570-465-3154.


  • kat

    Clifford should have cops brought back because it makes the town even more open to acts like this than before. We have to admit, when they had cops, the market and the were hit multiple times. It is only going to make the homes and businesses more vulnerable without a police force.

  • Mary Brown

    I live over the hill in Forest City now but I grew up in Clifford. We have a police force over here and I do believe it makes all the difference. I hate the fact that the town I grew up in has been left to fend for themselves, and left wide open to thieves. They NEED to get the police force back over there. We may have to pay for ours in our taxes but at least I know at any given time I can have the cops here in minutes if I ever need them. Clifford needs to wake up we never had this much crime in Clifford while I was growing up. Its just sad. :(

  • JP

    Not pointing fingers but check the trailer court on 374 between Glenwood and Rock Creek Golf Course, or on the dirt road above the Rock Creek Golf Course. Wouldn’t be the first time something has been found over the bank of that dirt road. And the people from the trailer court dump stuff up there, bunch of losers or at least most of them.

  • Jane Usher Halstead

    they broke into my business also Tuesday April 29 @ 3:15 am they were looking for my ATM also but I leave mine empty & open @ night so they broke the window in the front door unlocked the door and checked the ATM they took nothing else not the change in my register drawer or cigarettes or anything I had a feeling when Finch Hill Diner had theirs stolen that I would be also because I am just down the road on st. rt. 247 in clifford township @ The Dundaff Country Store

  • Maren Visavati

    These people need to get caught, i believe there needs to be a town cop brought back to that town,when there was a town cop they did a great job ,but because of whatever reason they no longer have one like many places , when you drive through some areas there town has 2 or 3 town cops ,just sad how things are happening in this world…..this was my sisters Deli and to the people who did this i hope you get what you deserve she does not deserve to get stolen from like anyone else she does her job everyday and makes an honest living for someone to come in and invade her makes me sick!!!!

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