Talkback Feedback: Police Searches

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A recent state Supreme Court ruling generated a lot of calls into Talkback 16.

It all had to do with allowing police to search vehicles without a warrant.

So we enlisted some help for this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • matthew O

    what people dont understand is that there have already been court cases about searching vehicles (carroll vs us) since 1925 the police have been able to search cars without warrants. so this whole time it has been legal but people dont realize it

  • jbrony

    If you aren’t doing anything illegal or carrying anything illegal then what are you worried about? You want drugs and drunks off the streets, this makes it easier for LEO’s to do their job. Stop your whining. If you think that police will start pulling people over at random and planting evidence then you are delusional and paranoid.

  • Randy

    I don’t agree with illegal searches, people have a right to privacy, so if this is the case, then they should have a right to just walk into to your home and remove any thing they feel like or maybe illegal and charge you, People need to grow up and realize that they want to remove all your rights slowly, when they are all gone, heck with courts, they will be able to call in your punishment, or perhaps execution on the spot, “Rights were adopted for the People”. Its protect for false allegations, the system is not perfect, in a matter of fact, I notice a big difference in punishments imposed from rich/poor, upper case/lower class people.

  • Howard Miller

    They can not do it, it is a violation of your constructional rights ,, stand up for your rights,, 1776

  • Tim

    The police already had the power of warrantless motor vehicle searches in most circumstances. The courts have ruled for decades that because a motor vehicle was mobile the exigency allowed a warrantless search based on probable cause to prevent the destruction of evidence during the time need to prepare a search warrrant. All this court decision did was make it consistant with Federal Law and clean up some confusion. It is not a profound change to anything.

  • sue

    Hell no they shouldnt b allowed 2 do it..if im doing nothing wrong and they want 2 waste time stopping me 4 lets say I want 2 make sure ur driving a safe car and pull u over waste my time and ur’s when u could b out there doin real work u ..if theres a real reason of concern go 4 it..but I blieve no they should not give them power 2 do it 2 not above the law and they have 2 stop acting like that gun and badge makes theem above the law

  • Me

    Pa is a joke !

    Nothing but corrupt officials ,
    high , unnecesary taxes,
    Deplorable road conditions,
    And rotten smug attitudes
    Ignorant police forces who think because they have a gun they can bully people

    Pa sucks. Always did. Always will

    • Randy

      They need to eliminate the high salaries, this would help the economy a great amount, we can put three people to work for a 150,000 a year. An we the people would get better respect. County Commissioners ect… well over paid. I have learned over 50 years, the system will run with they or without them, so why over pay them. Only one county in Pa realized the problem, an elected to lower their salaries, only one. How sad.

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