Family Members Charged With Deadly Neglect Plead Guilty

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SCRANTON -- Three women charged with neglecting a family member who died entered guilty pleas Thursday in Lackawanna County.

The district attorney's office said that Susan Gensiak, Joan Gensiak, and Rebekah Gensiak, all from Taylor, entered guilty pleas in the case involving the death of Robert Gensiak, 32, a care-dependent man with Down syndrome.

Susan Gensiak, mother of Robert Gensiak, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder.

Joan Gensiak, sister of Robert Gensiak pleaded guilty to neglect of a care-dependent person.

Rebekah Gensiak, sister of Robert Gensiak, in return for her cooperation, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of neglect of a care-dependent person. She previously cooperated with prosecutors in the case.

Robert Gensiak died in March of 2013 after being taken to the hospital, suffering from symptoms of severe neglect.

His mother and sisters were arrested in June of 2013.

Authorities say the man with Down syndrome weighed just 69 pounds in when he died in a hospital.   The coroner found he died of malnutrition and other ailments due to what prosecutors call complete neglect.

"69 pounds at 32 years old. I would believe the last few weeks of his life he suffered terribly," said Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Susan Tierney.

Susan Gensiak, Robert's mother, could end up spending the rest of her life in prison.

The 60-year-old woman from Taylor pleaded guilty to third degree murder. It carries a 20 to 40 year sentence.

"She's very remorseful. She's sorry for everything that happened, and she didn't want to put everybody through a long trial," said her lawyer Jamie Dench.

Susan Gensiak and her oldest daughter Joan Gensiak took part in a Newswatch 16 Taste Test last year. A Taylor police officer called it a sad irony: Robert Gensiak's two primary caregivers eating granola bars, just three weeks before his death due, in part, to malnutrition.

"She has a borderline intellect. and I believe that in her frame of mind, it was a little bit more difficult to realize the severity of the illness that Robert had at that time," Dench said.

Joan Gensiak pleaded guilty to felony neglect. She faces up to 20 years in prison. She could do more time as she also pleaded guilty to failing to provide medical care to her own 2-year-old daughter, now living in foster care.

Robert's younger sister Rebekah Gensiak pleaded guilty to misdemeanor neglect charges and faces up to five years in prison.

All three are expected to be sentenced in August.



  • mastermind

    Make sure they live on bread and water!!!!!!!!!! The FAT disgusting pigs!!!!!!!!! I hope they get beat to death in prison!!!!!!

  • beth

    I hope the y get what is coming to them and may robert grow wings and rest in peace he will be missed but never forgotten

  • Tony

    If he died from malnutrition, the poor guy, it appears obvious who was eating all the food

  • quikdraw67

    Mindi Ramsay referred to the deceased victim as a “loved one” REALLY? Starving a man to death in horrific conditions, and the victim is reported as a loved one. I certainly don’t see much love there. BTW I hope these 3 fat cows are in jail for a long, long time.

  • Arvin

    Hey! Let’s all pay for their food and housing for 20 years….(those of us who actually pay taxes). How is providing every need for these dirt bags punishment?? Free loaders always figure out a way to latch on to whatever is available. And prison is a vacation resort compared to what they deserve.

    • jim

      Our pretend “news guy” local afternoon talk show host, may i add VERY local talk show host, is not ready yet to go after these 3 losers. He, the self proclamed “news guy” says there must be a reason they did it. In his mind behind that lame beard and ponytail, the evil white male hold the blame for everything. Soooooo p.c.. Isn’t he soooo goood. Ughhh

      • Arvin

        Your right. If the genders in this case were reversed, he’d all over it. Or in other words, rephrasing the same lame point a hundred different ways, while running the clock out before a commercial. I can’t listen to him for more than a few minutes because he’s such a wind bag. If you boiled the content of his show down, a good host could say it all in about 2 to 3 minutes.

  • jim

    Let’s at least cut 8 of their 12 meals a day. Looks like they hit the feed wagon pretty hard each day.

  • cmdc2009

    Who is giving thumbs down to these comments???? Really, you defend these people who made a helpless person suffer until he died a horrible death??? What is wrong with you people???

  • Rebecca

    The appropriate punishment for all three would be to lock them in a cell together, and let them starve to death. Make sure everything is removed so they couldn’t commit suicide and end their suffering early.

    What awful, horrible people they are.

  • Judy Newell

    Waiting to see what their sentences are. What kind of deal was made….The three of them watched him suffer and eventually he died. there should be no deals. The law should be on his side……..

  • Tonya Smiley

    Are they sorry, or sorry they got caught? If they went to trial, they would havev to withstand all of the humiliation and embarrassment of their actions. Why wouldn’t they plead guilty. Utterly disgusting!

    • tom

      Absolutely right Tonya-I really believe alot of people arrested for crimes who say”i’m sorry”-are sorry they got caught.These 3 should be starved to death.

  • diane

    i bet they spent all of his money to that should made for to pay back all of it poor guy never ate asccoding to his weight he never got nuthing to eat god punish these 3

    • MsM

      Indeed! Clearly a case of where they misused his SSD to spend at will and by the look of these nasty heifers they ate all the food and didn’t take the time to care for their own children and brother. She should never see her daughter again and none of them should see the light of day again!

    • mastermind

      GOD!!!???????? Where was your GOD when this was happening!!!! Your GOD is an imaginary character like the Easter-Bunny, Santa Claus, and Luke Skywalker!!!!!!!!

  • diane

    oh it breaks my heart to hear this friggen low life scum bags god will punish them and dont any one say they feel sorry no sorry my heart aches

  • Mike

    I hope these three disgusting women get the same treatment as how they treated Robert. How the hell can you do that to another human being.

  • JP

    They all deserve to be locked in a cell and left. I will never understand how someone could do that to someone, nevermind family. I hope they all come to the end of their life “alone and afraid.”

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