Family Dog Finds, Rescues Missing 3-year-old

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COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — A family dog is being called a hero after he found and rescued a 3-year-old who had wandered away from home in North Dakota Tuesday.

Carson Urness, 3, was playing in his yard Monday night when he wandered away.

When the boy didn’t come inside for dinner, his mother began to panic.

After she called 911, rescue crews showed up and began to search.

As it began to rain, the family quickly realized the family dog “Cooper” was also missing.

They hoped he was with Carson.

Hours later, about 2 a.m., Carson was found about a mile away, safely tucked under his dog, Cooper, who was shielding him from rain and wind.

The boy was take to the hospital and expected to be OK.


  • teresa

    What the hell is wrong with people. 7:30 rolled around and she figured he should have come to eat??? This story is so disturbing. Who the heck leaves a 3 year old alone for even minutes???

  • Tracey

    Will this mom be charged for leaving a three yr old boy alone. I mean he had to be rescued when he wandered off because he was way to young to be left alone. He made it a mile away from home. Three year old boys are not old enough to be left alone. Thank God for that dog.

    • tom

      tracey-you are right about this mom-if ti were a dad( a man) newawatch 16 would be knocking on his door asking questions.

    • maria

      Yes she sent him outside to play according to another report . It appears the dog had more brains than the mother.

  • Cindy

    When he didn’t come in for dinner how long was he out there by himself thank god for the dog at least he was smart enough more than i can say for some parents…Glad this little boy if fine and his dog is the hero here .

  • Why?

    Why was a 3yr old outside playing unsupervised in the first place? Maybe ND is different than PA neighborhood wise, but my son is 8yrs & he still isn’t allowed outside unsupervised. But 3yrs is really young to be anywhere alone. However, things happen, no judgment. Glad he & his dog were found ok. This is why I love dogs!

    • DuEast

      Like everyone else here I just don’t get it! Part of this article should include why this ignorant mother allows her 3 yr old to play outside alone?! My son wasn’t but 10 when he was allowed outside alone and that was only if he was in front of the house in Brooklyn, and once we moved to NH it was on the grounds of the complex we lived so if I went outside I could see him and THEN when he was 12 I finally allowed him from one end of town to the other, (it’s barely a mile long), here in small-town PA.

    • DuEast

      Yup, watched the video…couple of’s like never mind she left him outside to play alone…she doesn’t even check on him at all until it gets dark??!! or until the dog barks to alarm her? what?!?!? that dog deserves a Delmonico!

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