Cops: Woman Assaulted Child With Baseball Bat

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A woman in Carbon County is accused of hitting a child with a baseball bat because of a backed up toilet.

Police say Christine Mertz from Mahoning Township, near Lehighton not only hit the 15-year-old with the bat last month, they also found bite marks and marks where the child was allegedly punched.

Mertz is locked up in Carbon County.


  • tom

    if she were a man-there would be no excuses-she’s a scumbag for sure.but because she’s a woman-“she was abused”.All kinds of stupid excuses for this dumb broad.

  • E

    Well of course. Isn’t it standard procedure is this region for a woman to take her frustrations out on her children. She’s most likely upset because of a lack of male attention and that is obviously the childs fault, right? Typical fat, ugly c**t.

  • Jenn

    Shar who cares if she was abused, not abused or on drugs. Regardless it doesn’t matter. She is a scumbag and someone should beat her with a bat!

  • Angered citizen

    People like this should be SHOT! I just lost my 2 nieces on May 3rd due to Carbon Monoxide and to have a child is a privilege. The child needs taken from you and you should be forced to no longer be able to reproduce and rot in jail!!!

  • shar

    her background was not abusive as a child mayb in her own adult life was and she abused herself with drugs which took over her life

    • MsM

      SO WHAT?! My mother had a very traumatic childhood and didn’t beat us with a bat OR do drugs! Excuses don’t fly with eveil people like this!

  • GramRose

    How about the punishment fit the crimes for these people..?? I understand she probably came from an abusive background and needs help too but why inflict pain on someone knowing full well how much it must hurt ? …sad for that poor boy… hope he gets in a home where he gets loved?

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