Closing Arguments Conclude In Murder Trial

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SCRANTON -- Closing arguments have concluded in a murder trial in Lackawanna County.

Jason Dominick of Scranton is accused of murdering Frank Bonacci of Dunmore last year.

Attorneys for both sides finished their closing argument just before noon Thursday.

Dominick faces six charges including first-degree murder, third-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

An orange cross at the entrance to the step falls area of Roaring Brook in Scranton looks weather-worn now - it was put here last summer to remember Frank Bonacci. This is near where his body was found in his SUV after a week-long search in July.

During the prosecution's closing arguments, first assistant district attorney Gene Talerico reminded jurors that Jason Dominick and Neil Pal -- the two men now accused of killing Bonacci -- made sure his family continued to search that long.

Talerico pointed toward Bonacci's family in the courtroom and said "they lived for seven days with no answer, nothing, and some people could have changed that. Hold him (Dominick) accountable for that because he owned the knowledge of what happened."

Prosecutors spent more than a week making their case that Jason Dominick shot Frank Bonacci in Bonacci's SUV and Neil Pal helped Dominick cover it up.

Prosecutors say forensic evidence found in Bonacci's SUV proves their theory, and text messages Dominick sent before and after the murder back it up.

Defense attorney Bernie Brown told jurors that the text messages police took as evidence were taken out of context. He reminded jurors of Jason Dominick's story: that Neil Pal pulled the trigger and Dominick was just a bystander to the murder. He admits to covering it up out of fear that Pal would kill him, too.

Attorney Brown said "the Bonacci family lost a son, the Dominick family lost part of a son based on what Jason saw."

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  • uncle stosh

    A young man shoot and killed and u know 2 more young men down the tubes on life. I think its a sad story on account of all the facts. I will keep lightong a candle at the Cathedral for the families involved.

  • burtfan

    I think trying these two separately could prove to be a mistake. If it comes down to he did it, no no he did it you could end up with two juries, both having reasonable doubt.

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