Take A Seat

Mike Stevens made a stop at the State Museum of Pennsylvania for a unique look at something we use every day.

Mike says, "take a seat, rest a spell as the Pennsylvania Road stops in Harrisburg."

  • bdpr glass

    Art Etched in Glass

  • otr hotel edison

    The Hotel Edison

  • bdpr car

    Back Down the Pennsylvania Road in an Old Car

  • bdpr ricketts

    Ricketts Glen State Park

  • promo287268285

    The Flowers of Spring

  • bdpr skycam tour

    Winter Skycam Tour

  • promo282431552

    The Tanks of Berwick

  • promo278804920

    Remembering a Pilot Lost in the Line of Duty

  • bdpr luna park

    Luna Park

  • bdpr horse and plow

    Plowing with a Team of Horses

  • promo287695530

    Maker of Baskets

  • bdpr station

    Lackawanna Station Hotel

  • bdpr class of 16

    Class of 16 in ’86


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