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Teen Tanning Ban

TUNKHANNOCK — Pennsylvania will now join 36 other states that have put regulations on teen tanning.

Starting in 60 days, teens 16 or younger will be banned from using tanning beds and 17 year olds will need their parent’s consent. That’s all based on a new bill signed by Governor Corbett.

Many salons said they won’t even notice a difference when it comes to business.

“As soon as one is out of the bed, the next one is in. So we definitely keep very busy, and it doesn’t hurt us in the least,” said Kelly Mosluk, the owner of Majestic III Saloon in Tunkhannock.

The new regulations won’t change a thing in many salons. Majestic III has been having parents sign waivers for years. The salon owner said it’s best for the salon and parents to be on the same page when it comes to protecting our teens.

“It kind of covers both us and them. A kid that age wants the most sun in the smallest amount of time,” said Mosluk.

The owner of the salon said about 50% of her tanning clients are teens.

She said it’s important to keep tabs on the younger tanners, especially during prom season.

“Make sure they’re not tanning twice in a day. There’s a lot of this kind of stuff people don’t realize the importance to it,” said Mosluk.

Some teenagers don’t like the new restrictions.

“I don’t know. I think you should do what you want to do. If you want to get a tan, you should be able to get a tan,” said Sierra Holmes, a student from Tunkhannock Area High School.

The new bill also requires each tanning salon to be registered with the state, including a fee depending on the number of tanning beds.

Salon owners will need to post signs stating that tanning can cause cancer.


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