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More Dead Birds, Voodoo Doll Found Outside Funeral Home

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GILBERT -- State police believe whoever left decapitated birds, a voodoo doll, some change, and a mousetrap outside Gower's Funeral Home in Gilbert could possibly be the same person who left decapitated pigeons outside a church along Route 209 just a few weeks ago.

It's a disturbing discovery animal lover Audrey Ruff of Chestnuthill Township who lives nearby just can't stomach.

"It's disgusting. They ought to be locked up and shot, the people," said Ruff.

This comes just a few weeks after troopers say two grocery bags of decapitated pigeons were found outside a church in Brodheadsville, just a few miles away along Route 209.

State police now believe the two incidents may be related and want to know if the gory acts have any religious purpose.

"We don't know which way that person may be trying to go with this, and is this the baby steps in regards to progressing to something that might become more dangerous?" said Trooper David Peters.

Fr. Mike Quinnan is the pastor at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish just next to the funeral home.

He says it was one of his parishioners who found the latest batch of birds.

"It does jar someone to see something like that, but I just reassured her that her faith is stronger than any of that, that might be found in a bag outside her house," said Fr. Quinnan.

As troopers work to figure out just who is behind leaving decapitated birds outside a church and now outside Gower's Funeral Home, state police say they need the Brodheadsville community to be alert.

"I would say so. If you'd do it once, you'd do it again. Anybody that would do that would be sick," said Ruff.

State police say whoever is behind these acts - religious or not - will face consequences when found.

"Cruelty to animals, you cannot just go about your business whether religious or not and harm animals," said Trooper Peters.

State police are asking people living in the Brodheadsville area to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Anyone with information about these decapitated birds should give them a call.


  • Monica Kelly

    I get that its totally twisted, but don’t you think its a little ridiculous to play on cruelty to animals, but then say the guy should be shot? People are twisted.


    It’s a protection spell against sickness that the king (Orisha)god name Olodumare will allow. Olodumare, even though he was king of the other
    gods, had a mortal fear of mice. The other gods thought that a king, especially their king, should not be afraid of anything as unimportant and weak as a mouse. So to mock him a tribute rat traps gives the other gods tools to scare off Olodumare from passing sickness to other humans, so three birds head cut off to feed the other gods(Orishas),coins for payment, and a rat/mouse trap as a tool After the Orishas have fed, the blood is washed . The blood and the feathers must be disposed of in the manner favored by each Orisha: Yemaya’s in the sea, Oshun’s in a river, Elegua’s at a crossroads, so in this case Elegua was ask to protect a family from their recent decreased and the birds and tools and payment was given at cross roads one at the place of the sick dead and other near the family home…..

    • skywolfnj

      In Christian rituals Jesus is the lamb of god and is sacrifice for all of us and we break bread which symbolize his body and wine for his blood and we eat and drink to complete our act of faith with god … Same thing done for Santeria

    • Tria

      I’m not sure were you’re getting your info from. Olodumare is the most ancient and remote of the Yaruba Gods he is NEVER directly contacted. No shrines or rituals or sacrifices are ever made to Olodumare. Olodumare is a concept of universal energy, it has no gender, no physical shape and no need for blood, money or ritual.

  • Kit

    Before I go further I do want to be clear that I am NOT defending animal cruelty, nor any person who commits a crime, be it animal cruelty or possible migratory bird laws (I heard on the TV report this bag was wild, where as the pigeons could have been domesticated). From the stand point of raising and processing my own poultry (and being a hunter) decapitation is one of the least stressful and most humane ways to dispatch a bird. As far as if this is for religious purposes, that is protected under the Bill of rights (provided the animals were humanely raised, treated, and dispatched and not protected by federal/state laws). I do not agree with animal sacrifice, but it has been part of many religions for centuries or longer. Freedom of religion is one of the founding ideas of this nation, and while I may not agree with other religions it is their right, just as being a Christian is my right.
    What bothers me most is if this was done for other reasons (non-religious) or if the birds were not dispatched properly/humanely. The other thing that bothers me is the comment by the woman interviewed “ ‘It’s disgusting. They ought to be locked up and shot, the people,’ said Ruff.” Locked up, maybe, but a human life for animal lives? I love animals, and have pets (that are part of our family) as well as livestock, but to say animal lives are the same as human lives is asinine. God gave man domain over the animals, they are NOT our equals.
    I, personally, will wait to see what the purpose was before I cat my final vote. It is possible this was a “spell” to help a family member battling cancer, idk I never did much voodoo or hoodoo research to learn about the practices. It is also possible it was purely malicious. We’ll just have to see what comes about.

    • ME

      You’ll wait to cast your vote? Really? This whole scene is sick and voodoo doesn’t work. Devil worship and praying to God, maybe does, but not voodoo. It’s all in the mind and people equating this with Christianity, don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Rupert

    You will reap what you sow, SUPERSTITION. Teaching nonsense is how you end up with DUMMIES like these.

  • Rupert

    People here are so SUPERSTITIOUS they believe anything, their coming to get you Barbara. Your so EASY thats why they do it Fortune Tellers, Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls and VooDoo and next there shall be Leprechauns flying out of your ARSES, to prove my point when is the last time you looked under the bed or crossed your fingers?? BOO, DING DONGS.

    • ME

      Don’t lump everything and everyone into one category. There are forces that are beyond the physical and earthly, but cutting off bird heads and the like, is not one of them.
      As for tarot card readers, yes, most of them are entertainers, only, but I once had a reading done by someone with a “gift.” She did a life reading for me when I was in my 20’s and all the major things she said would happen, did, down to the people involved, what they looked like, my reaction…everything. No, I didn’t become “suggestible” and make what she said, happen, over the course of 30 years.

  • MsM

    Whoever you are doing this, you’re ignorant, disgusting, nasty, and evil. You will reap what you sow.

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