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More Dead Birds, Voodoo Doll Found Outside Funeral Home

GILBERT — State police believe whoever left decapitated birds, a voodoo doll, some change, and a mousetrap outside Gower’s Funeral Home in Gilbert could possibly be the same person who left decapitated pigeons outside a church along Route 209 just a few weeks ago.

It’s a disturbing discovery animal lover Audrey Ruff of Chestnuthill Township who lives nearby just can’t stomach.

“It’s disgusting. They ought to be locked up and shot, the people,” said Ruff.

This comes just a few weeks after troopers say two grocery bags of decapitated pigeons were found outside a church in Brodheadsville, just a few miles away along Route 209.

State police now believe the two incidents may be related and want to know if the gory acts have any religious purpose.

“We don’t know which way that person may be trying to go with this, and is this the baby steps in regards to progressing to something that might become more dangerous?” said Trooper David Peters.

Fr. Mike Quinnan is the pastor at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish just next to the funeral home.

He says it was one of his parishioners who found the latest batch of birds.

“It does jar someone to see something like that, but I just reassured her that her faith is stronger than any of that, that might be found in a bag outside her house,” said Fr. Quinnan.

As troopers work to figure out just who is behind leaving decapitated birds outside a church and now outside Gower’s Funeral Home, state police say they need the Brodheadsville community to be alert.

“I would say so. If you’d do it once, you’d do it again. Anybody that would do that would be sick,” said Ruff.

State police say whoever is behind these acts – religious or not – will face consequences when found.

“Cruelty to animals, you cannot just go about your business whether religious or not and harm animals,” said Trooper Peters.

State police are asking people living in the Brodheadsville area to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Anyone with information about these decapitated birds should give them a call.


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