Man Arrested for Home Improvement Fraud

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PITTSTON — Police in Luzerne County arrested a man who’s accused of taking money for a job he never completed.

Officers told us Scott Martin took about $7,000 from a woman in May of 2013 to do carpentry work on her house, but never did the work.

He was picked up by authorities on Tuesday after police received a tip that he was attending an appointment on N. Main Street in Pittston.

Police said more victims have come forward saying Martin did the same thing to them.

Martin is charged with home improvement fraud and theft by deception.

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  • JP

    It really is hard to find a good contractor at a good price, and this guy just gives those that are a bad name. I hope they lock him up and seize all assets to pay back the people that he ripped off. If his assests aren’t enough, he should be forced to work to pay them back or stay in jail. The people that he ripped off are more than likely good people trying to make ends meet and improve their life. He deservese more time in jail than what he’ll get, our system is flawed.

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