State Police: Residents Stay in Homes in Barrett and Price Townships
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

DUI Charges Against School Bus Driver Dismissed

BENTON — The DUI charges against a school bus driver in Columbia County were dismissed on Tuesday.

Students from the Benton Area School District accused Jennifer Watson of acting strange and driving erratically one day back in March.

Investigators said the DUI charges were dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence.

Watson is still charged with reckless endangerment.


  • Dawn

    This was not my child’s bus, but I pulled mine off the bus after this. We drive or walk her to school now. For those who do not know Benton you should know our school board has started having a police officer outside the elementary building at dismissal about a month after this incident because parents were double parking (not saying double parking is right). If they can call the police on parents why not bus drivers?? Those who know what is going on up here know that our school board cares nothing about our children. I have already pulled two of mine out, the youngest will not be going. I have one more who will likely be pulled out in the near future. I stopped going to school board meetings when the board told the parents they can do whatever they want the parents have no say.

  • Tom R

    From Press-Enterprise – Bob Brewington, who owns the bus firm that had employed Watson, previously said he had Watson tested for drugs and alcohol the day of the incident and “all I can say legally is she can’t drive anymore.”

    Authorities say results from that private screening are not admissible in court.

    So if Bob had her tested the day of the incident, why didn’t he call the police????? What was he trying to hide? If my children rode one of his buses, I would certainly want to know the answer to both of those questions. As far as I am concerned, he is as guilty as the driver is for trying to cover this up and not do the right thing. He should be ashamed of himself!

    • Tom R

      If Brewington or the Benton superintendent would have called the police when her bus came weaving back to the school that day, they could have given her a blood test. Instead they both decided to try to cover it up. Brewington and Penny Lenig-Zerby should both be charged. What if this was your child on this bus?

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