College Students Raise Money to Send Wheelchairs to Jamaica

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DALLAS -- A group of Misericordia university students plans to take these wheelchairs to Jamaica when they make a return trip to the Caribbean.

The students went there on a mission trip in January and found out that many disabled veterans have no wheelchairs.

The students convinced Pride Mobility in Exeter to donate eight wheelchairs.  Now they are raising money so they can take the wheelchairs to Jamaica.


  • J

    People in this country have access to wheelchairs through Medicare and Medicaid. People in Jamaica do not have the resources we have. I agree we need to help our own but we can make a difference elsewhere in the world as well. And yes our country does need to be saved ..from close minded individuals like you. These 8 wheelchairs, yes only 8 will make an enormous difference whereas here we have an abundance of everything that we all take for granted. Don’t be so quick to make a comment if you aren’t going to take action, these students took action for a need they saw in their trip. I commend them for there hospitality and service.

    • Fatboy

      I had a young man that came to work for me when he came home from Desert Storm . He was married with a 1 year old girl . He fought for our freedom . Do you remember 911 ? He was discharged with no healthcare for him or his family . And hear is a 22 year old boy that served 4 years fighting for our freedom. So don’t tell me we need to make a difference else where.

  • llong

    I think charity begins at home their are so many people in this area that are in need. Makes you wonder how many of these will end up on E- Bay.


    Ya great idea lets send money and stuff to other countries when we are ourselves need that sh#@ here ! Probably a bunch of liberals! SAVE OUR COUNTRY PEOPLE, LOOK AT IT!

  • Eric

    It’s so sad that the great wheelchair shortage is still going on in Jamaica. Jah bless their souls

  • Fatboy

    How about raising money for people in this country that need wheelchairs ? Why don’t we help our own first .

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