Brush Fire In Luzerne County Threatens Homes

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- Fire crews spent hours putting out flames from a brush fire in Plymouth Township Wednesday afternoon.

The fire burned parts of Larksville Mountain and an area known as the Larksville Dump.

Firefighters came in with special equipment.

They sprayed down the area and cleared it with chainsaws.

"DCNR, they're here, Larksville borough, they have a brush unit so they came in, Plymouth Township, they came in," said Plymouth Borough Fire Captain Eric Smith.

Fire officials said the windy conditions fanned the flames.

The fire burned dangerously close to nearby homes.

"If we didn't have guys here, with as quick as they were here and responded, it would have gotten out of hand a lot quicker," said Smith.

People living nearby watched the smoke and flames closely.

"We get very frightened up here because we have had fires in the past, and there is a lot of brush and the landfill always does catch fire. So we are always on the alert up here," said Anita Jones of Plymouth.

Many people who live in the area said they are used to brush fires this time of year on Larksville Mountain. Still, they admit, it is scary.

"The safety of the homes and the people in the homes and the air quality. When there's a fire up there, you can smell it everywhere," said Cecelia Habda of Plymouth.