Woman Allegedly Stole From Father’s Clients


DANVILLE — A woman was in court Tuesday on charges she stole thousands of dollars while working at her father’s notary business in Montour County.

Court papers indicate that Natalie Wetzel kept $42,000 in filing fees and sales tax from 175 customers at Wetzel Notary Services in Danville.

The alleged thefts happened between 2010 and 2012.

Wetzel is free on bail.


  • Bastardo Comemierda

    Where is the Photo of this scumbag , WoW ,,what kind of people living here NEPA ,,, you get thet you deserve

  • Sissy

    In PA, it’s ok to steal as long as you pay the money back when you get caught. Consider it a loan!

  • Need Paul Kersey to clean up the streets.......

    no surprise the country’s youth is mainly filled with lazy bums, i hope she gets a kick in the a__ and gets on with life or just have it kicked in !

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