Vigil Held for Child Killed in Shooting

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WHITE MILLS ---People remembered a young boy who died from a gunshot wound over the weekend.

Folks gathered to remember Hunter Pedersen.

The ten year-old boy died at his grandmother's house in Pike County on Saturday after a gun his uncle allegedly was showing him went off.

The uncle, Chad Olm, is locked up in Pike County, charged with homicide.

Hunter's family talked Tuesday night to Newswatch 16 about gun safety.

"I don't want to ever see another family go through something like this. We are all heartbroken. You cant get a kid back. You can't get a kid back and he was such a good little boy," said Hunter's grandmother, Linda Honickel.

According to State Police, Chad Olm said he never checked the gun to make sure there wasn't a bullet in the chamber.


  • will

    Honestly they should make people go through some type of safety course so people know how to use correctly.

  • Lou

    And that’s why two of the golden rules of guns are: 1. ALWAYS treat a gun as if it’s loaded, and 2. NEVER point a gun at someone you don’t intend to shoot. If the uncle wanted to make a point, he should’ve pointed the gun to his own head.

  • burtfan

    I’ve handled guns thousands of times, twice there was a bullet in the chamber, both times cause by a bur or a nick in the shell casing which made it stick. It only takes one time to take a firearm for granted. Terrible tragedy.

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