Man Dead After Crash Into Pond

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP — A man has died after the car he was in crashed into a pond in Luzerne County, according to the coroner.

Robert Schultz, 81, of Tunkhannock was in the car Monday when it crashed around 4:30 p.m. off East Mountain Boulevard near Wilkes-Barre and ended up in the pond.

The Luzerne County coroner said Schultz died Tuesday morning.

His wife Sally Schultz is still in the hospital, listed in fair condition.


  • Christina

    Well I’m his daughter. He has 11 kids and 50 + grand kids. A man several communities are grieving the loss of. He built a home with my mother where they housed the elderly, children and the homeless. He was a service member and volunteered over 40 years as a fireman. I was one of those children who didn’t have a home when I came to him as an infant, they adopted me, along with several other children. He died from his injuries and now that my family knows, I hope your satisfied with the answers you were looking for. Thank you WNEP for your discretion while my family and friends were still being notified.

  • Steph

    What kind of detail do you want? How bloody he was or bruising ect? Accident he died….period!

    • just someone

      Details such as who was driving, just says car he was in. What happened to the drivers? What caused the crash? How big was the pond, so we can try to figure out how in the hell someone dies in a pond if it’s not from drowning. What kind of injuries were sustained that led to his death? Was his wife the driver?

      • really?

        will having all your details answered change the end results? for all you know, he died of old age well driving and crashed the car into the pond.

    • burtfan

      Tell me why. I read so many comment boards where people say take it down. This is news, these kind of stories are in the news. Does his nephew not know what happened? Explain……..

  • Joie Griffin

    Could you guys report any less news? The media uses outlandish headlines and provide no real detail.

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