Troopers Honor the Fallen

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WYOMING -- Memorial Day is still a few weeks away, but state troopers are already taking time to remember the fallen. Troopers held their annual Memorial Ceremony Monday in Luzerne County.

It's a time to honor the fallen.

"Their lives should never be just tossed aside or wasted or forgotten about."

It's a time to recognize the sacrifices of the Pennsylvania State Police.

"It really hits home because you know you were at one time, probably many times, in the same position."

It's a time to thank those who have spent their lives serving others.

"You want to know where my life is? My life is with the state police," said retired state trooper Joe Derwin.

It's the annual memorial service for the state police. Thirty state troopers came together at the barracks in Wyoming to honor the 93 members killed in the line of duty since 1906.

"It's just a good way to honor the people that have made the sacrifice for us and also to acknowledge the work that we do," said state trooper Bob Urban.

Trooper Bob Urban says the other plus is seeing the retired state troopers who also attend the ceremony.

"I love to see the retired troopers. It's always, some of them I worked with, and it's good to see them still come play an active part," said Urban.

Troopers including Joe Derwin, who retired in 1979, who says the job of a state trooper has only gotten more dangerous over the years.

"I didn't worry about getting shot when I went out on the road. Now these guys, they've got a tough, tough job," said Derwin.

The younger troopers say they look up to the retired troopers, as it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

"I guess it's for people like me, gives me a chance to see the people I admire."