Power Swing From Prociak

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With one swat Holy Redeemer senior boy's volleyball player Mike Prociak hits his mark. The royal regular sits on John Kablick Sr's front line as a 6'8" hitter.

"I came to high school I was about 6'5" as a freshman, and I'm 6'8" now and weight wise I was probably 215 to 220lbs as a freshman. I'm 245lbs now so physically I've gotten a lot bigger," said Mike Prociak.

"Mike has grown as a player. He is now a team leader. Just a great player. He has a good power game and a great finesse game. Hopefully he'll lead us deep into states," said John Kablick, Sr.

Mike is in company with another fellow giant here at Holy Redeemer three years ago. It was 6'11" Peter Alexis earning all-state consideration. If Mike makes all-state this year that will be two nominations for him in his career joining fellow teammate over the last several years Rob Wingert.

"Skill wise I definitely have gotten more coordinated and more comfortable on the court and I think my swing has gotten more powerful as well," again said Mike.

"We've been blessed with lots of height and not only that but the kids who are very coordinated and able to play the game. We'll I mean it's tough with you need to be very limber to play this game and Mike and Peter both have done an excellent job at that. Mike is able to run a variety of sets which diversifies our offense, " said Mike Conlon.

This Holy Redeemer team is benefiting from Mike's play with tournament wins at Elizabeth-town and Haverford secured, a district title awaits and school's like Rutgers-Newark, George Mason, and St. Francis are showing interest.