Detectives Testify At Dominick Trial

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SCRANTON -- Crime scene investigators were called to the stand in a murder trial in Lackawanna County on Monday.

They recounted what police found after Frank Bonacci was murdered last July.

It's been a full seven days since attorneys seated a jury in Jason Dominick's trial on first-degree murder charges.

Dominick is the first of two men to stand trial for Frank Bonacci's murder.

Most of Monday's testimony was from crime scene investigators who say the evidence proves Dominick pulled the trigger.

Dominick kept his eyes down as crime scene investigators detailed photos taken after Frank Bonacci's body was found in his SUV down a 70-foot ravine in Scranton.

Photos from that night in late July showed the SUV was only feet from hitting the water in Roaring Brook, probably preserving the evidence that prosecutors say proves their case: that Dominick shot Bonacci in the SUV from behind.

In the fifth day of testimony, Scranton police detectives Dennis Lukasewicz and Michael Fueshko tried to debunk the defense's theory that Neil Pal fired the fatal shot from Bonacci's left side.

Det. Fueshko also detailed what police found when they searched Neil Pal's garage on Linden Street in Scranton. It's evidence prosecutors say shows Pal and Dominick were familiar with guns and tried to hide evidence.

Detectives found a .38 caliber bullet casing that matches the bullet that killed Bonacci. They also found 241 bullet holes in the garage wall that police said looked like they were using the room for target practice. Police found 128 fired bullets, and in a neighboring garage they found remnants of burned clothing.

Dominick's attorney argued that none of that evidence actually puts the gun in Dominick's hand.

The defense is expected to take over sometime Tuesday.

Then many people will be watching to see when Jason Dominick himself takes the stand. His attorney says that should happen Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

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  • angie

    Stick a fork in him he’s done. Murderer. As far as I’m concerned, doesn’t matter which one pulled the trigger they are both guilty by complicity.

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