Cash-strapped Luzerne County Considers Logging

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP – Luzerne County officials said they are looking into the possibility of logging on hundreds of acres of county-owned property to help raise revenue.

The county is looking for proposals from “professional consulting forestry services” to help determine if logging hundreds of acres at Moon Lake Park could provide a cash flow to Luzerne County, which is in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

While fishing for trout at Moon Lake with his son, Paul Caprari told Newswatch 16 that he is against the idea.

“I would totally be against something like that to be honest with you,” said Caprari. “I think they should look at other venues to be honest with you, instead of disturbing natural surroundings.”

Other people said they wouldn’t mind logging, as long as the money is returned to the park.

“It’s like a hidden treasure. You know, you have serenity here, you have scenery, you have wildlife, you have people enjoying themselves,” said Mike Ruzicki. “I think it should be preserved.”

Luzerne County councilman Ed Brominski told Newswatch 16 that he supports the idea of selective logging on county-owned land, to provide an ongoing stream of revenue.

Officials said the proposal of logging county-owned land is in the early stages, and there are no immediate plans of timbering.


  • CHARLES Estock

    Thank you for everyone sticking up for Moon Lake Park, this little gem has been exploited enough by this County, they have let it get run down to the point of no return, and now they want toi finish it off for some fast money.
    I spend a lot of time at the part riding mountain bikes and maintaining the trails, there is not a lot of what you would call old growth in the forest, there is not a lot of money to be made by harvesting trees there, only destruction to the hiking & biking trails forever.
    Please take a moment to sign the petition I started to save Moon Lake park

  • mdog

    We have black bears walking the rr tracks lookin for a place to live the way is now. ive seen a whole family of them 3 days in a row.
    Its time to revamp all cushy PA. governmental jobs.

  • welshwch

    And how much money are they planning to pay for the professional consulting firms? Better to spend the money fixing the park up and reopening the swimming pool this summer. Logging was done across from my house last summer and left the forest devastated. Can’t we leave something beautiful for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Luzerne County is becoming a cesspool. Soon nothing good will be left.

  • tjess

    We can hire lag and mericle to get the job done or maybe we can pay prisoners to do all the work. Maybe they can resell the coxton rail bridge and reuse that money oh wait luzerne county sold it to lag for $5,000 and now the county has to cut down trees to demolish lags property……

  • Amanda

    I think that its ridiculous that the corrupt politicians want to ruin everything that is left and is good in this state instead they should cut there pensions since there all only in there positions for the money and start cleaning up the scum that has taken over a lot of our cities and start making the people that live here want to make a difference instead of making us hate them even more!!

  • tjess

    Umm there are tons of trees near the river in piles uprooted and washed up on river banks. Take a walk thru Pennsylvania Gamelands look at all the money laying around and rotting. How about all the scrap in the river cash it in plenty of other places for Luzerne County to get money to pay corruption…….

  • really?

    That’s a great idea, cut down all the trees and wreck the lake. That’s going to bring lots of people who want to spend money on a look at a giant mud pit. How about cutting salaries for the politicians in the county???

  • WildBill@WB

    What’re we going to do for money when all the trees are gone? I thought the point of having a park was to protect it from being exploited. They can overspend faster than the trees will grow back, besides Denaples already logged the watershed land he bought cheap and sold back to us at a profit minus any valuable timber. A better idea would be to live within our means and forget dumb ideas like rail service to New Jersey.

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