ATV Rider Falls Off Bridge

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police said a person riding an ATV fell into a gap between two railroad bridges just after midnight on Sunday in the city.

Officers said the ATV rider fell about 20 feet, and landed on East Thomas Street below the bridges. According to authorities, the victim's injuries are not life-threatening.

Police are investigating whether or not alcohol played a role in Sunday morning's fall.


  • Sabrina Krasniak

    This is my uncle Jamy. Yes there was a bit of alc but the bridge apparently had issues of its own therefore making it an accident on the part of the bridge.

  • Arvin

    If not alcohol, I’ll bet it had something to do with darkness, gravity and unfamiliarity with contours of the property which was being trespassed on.

    • MsM

      Yep. Riding on someone’s property without permission is pretty dumb. We know someone who said they were gonna put up a thin steel wire so people could slit their throats if they road on his property…I wonder if that’s before or after he shoots them?

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