Five Dead, Including Kids, in Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP — Five people were found dead Saturday in a cabin near Montgomery.

State police said their deaths appear to be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The bodies of Nathan Reece, 30, of Muncy and Jacqueline Stackhouse, 23, of New Columbia were found inside.

The Lycoming County Coroner identified the three children as Nariah Hawkins, 8; Cadee Hawkins, 4; and Austin Cousins, 3.

A friend was the one who discovered the bodies.

Authorities determined there was a propane heater inside the cabin that was not ventilated properly.

As the news spread, people in the community were shocked.

“This is horrible and devastating and I wish I could help in some way,” said Marguerite Campbell.

The fire chief in Washington Township said he was on the scene when the five bodies were discovered.

He wants to let people know how to use propane tanks properly to prevent another tragedy.

“If you’re going to use one, make sure it’s in a ventilated room. Crack a window or something,” said Chief Brett Ulrich.

Ulrich said the volunteer fire department spoke with stress management when they returned to the station.

He said it’s the first time the company had to deal with this kind of loss, and it was heartbreaking.

“It really hit home. It’s just terrible and it really hit home, ” Ulrich said.

The deaths are not believed to be suspicious but authorities are still investigating.

The coroner is expected to release an exact cause of death on Sunday.


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