UPDATE: I-84 Now Open After Wreckage Clean Up

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MILFORD –Troopers said Interstate 84, near Milford, opened around noon on Saturday after the removal of wreckage from Friday morning's crashes in Pike County.

Two wrecks shut down Interstate 84 in both directions Friday morning in Pike County. Three people were taken to the hospital.

The first crash happened in a construction zone between the Milford and Matamoras exits in Pike County. PennDOT says this is the third crash there this week.

This construction zone crash is causing lots of problems on Interstate 84 in Pike County.

Troopers say it all started when this truck loaded with produce went off the road between Milford and Matamoras.

“We had our first crash this morning about 4 a.m. at mile post 46.8 where a tractor-trailer crushed 87 feet of guide rail,” said State Police Lt. Chris Paris.

About an hour later, as traffic backed up, a tractor-trailer crashed into another truck at the Milford exit, crushing the front end.

Vanessa Moya lives right by the interstate and heard what turned into a five-vehicle crash.

“I heard this big bang, but I didn't think anything of it because trucks always bang and when you hit a bump it sounds like that,” said Moya.

The driver was inside what’s left of the cab, pinned for hours while emergency crews used the Jaws of Life to free him.

People who drive I-84 since this construction project began to totally replace the highway are concerned.

“It's like we've been waiting for an accident to happen. The roads are just horrible the way they're quartered off,” said Art Politano of Shohola.

The eastbound lane re-opened hours later, but will close again Saturday morning at 7a.m.

PennDOT says while I-84 is closed for about four hours, they'll be clearing up that big rig that's fully loaded and also repairing all of the guard rail torn up in the crash.

“First thing tomorrow, we're going to take that rig, with two tow trucks, we're going to lift that thing completely up in the air and set it back on it's wheels,” said Joe Korycki of My Place Towing.

The detour will be at the Milford exit, onto Route 6 east to Route 209 north to Matamoras.

Troopers don’t know why this driver went off the road, but say speed was a factor in the second crash.

PennDOT is urging drivers to slow down after seeing three wrecks in this same spot this week.

“55 Miles an hour, you know, we have it posted you're going through a work zone. We've got the signs up. We're telling you to slow down. We're warning people with message boards,” said PennDOT construction project manager Carla Madura.

The driver pinned inside his cab was flown to Geisinger-CMC in Scranton with serious injuries. Two other drivers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The work Saturday could take between three and four hours.


  • medina

    Because the deer escape my truck and it was to late I already lost control of the truck I wish it never happen but it did I’m just lucky I had my seatbelt on everyone talks about how I could avoid it but unless you drive a truck for a living you can’t possibly understand the stuff we go through I’m hoping they pass a law on cutting off big rigs because 4. wheelers love to cut us off and I’m sick and tired of it and PS I drive for me and my family and I’m lucky God chose not to take me yet.

  • Michael

    its not only tractor trailers and those 4 wheelers to they cut the trucks off,tailgates them and everything else before you put truck drivers down drive a truck and see what they go through

  • want to live

    Trucks drive to fast on 84 I drive 90 miles a day going to work, It bad even with the snow when you can’t see or go over 45 MPH the trucks want to go 75 Mph. I have been pushed off the road many times driving 65 MPH. I would like to know why I always see cars pulled over for speeding but in the 10 years of driving 84 I never see a truck pulled over… A couple of years ago when they were repaving 84 by the NY line a truck hit 2 cars and killed someone around MM 52. I want to get to work and home just like the truck drivers but not by killing myself or someone else… SLOW DOWN AND DO WHAT IS POSTED..

    • medina

      I was the the driver in the first deck, and I want to set the record a deer cross my lane and did everything I could to get off the road and not hit any innocent people so yes I will go off the road before I hit anyone

      • Craig

        I’m not sure I understand.
        You claim you are the driver of the big rig?
        And you swerved to avoid a deer?
        Thats how it all started, is that right?
        I drove semis for a long time.
        I lost count of how many dear I hit.
        You hardly feel it in a big semi.
        Its not a big deal like it is in a car.
        You feel a thump and the deer goes flying, thats it.
        I certainly wouldn’t risk flipping the rig to save a deer.
        I think yer telling a tall tale there guy.

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