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Parents Upset By Alleged Theft From Youth Organization

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP – Several people in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain said it was upsetting to hear about another volunteer organization being taken advantage of by one of its own members.

Holly Bolesta was charged Thursday for allegedly misusing nearly $20,000 from the Kingston Township Raiders Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization.

“I think it’s ridiculous. It’s not the first time its happened, obviously. You think people would learn from other people’s mistakes,” said Amanda Fiorelli. “To steal from kids who raise money they hard earned way, and she’s just taking it from them. They’re probably going to be scarred for life most likely and just not want to do it ever again.”

Christine Manzella told Newswatch 16 that her daughter was a cheerleader last year, and she doesn’t want the crime to give the outreach organization a black eye.

“It really doesn’t bother (the kids) as much as I think, the parents are so sad about. But kids are resilient,” said Manzella. “They don’t understand a lot of the time, you know, but we say unfortunately someone had taken some money from the group and we need to make up for that. And we just have to work harder.”

Court records said Bolesta has returned more than $13,000.

Organizers of the youth organization have not returned phone calls or emails from Newswatch 16.


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