Child Falls From Window, Mother Charged

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CARBONDALE -- A woman is facing charges after her 4-year-old daughter fell from a third floor window.

The mother turned herself in Friday morning in Carbondale after her child fell earlier this week.

Chelsie Elders of Carbondale was charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

She was taken to the Lackawanna County Courthouse to be arraigned after turning herself in to authorities in Carbondale.

According to court papers, Elders said she was in the bathroom when her daughter fell.

Police said the lock on the window was broken and the screen was loose, making it possible for the child to fall.

The child is still hospitalized. Police said she has a broken rib, broken vertebrae and other internal injuries. Her condition has not been released.

Carbondale police said they were called to Elders' apartment the day before when neighbors saw her two children unattended

Lackawanna County Children and Youth Services said they were still investigating that incident when police were called again after a neighbor heard the child fall.

Elders was arraigned and released on $50,000 unsecured bail. The magistrate said she is not allowed to have contact with her children or any minor child.


  • Garben

    Little piggy was busy eating Cheetos and face booking instead of tending to the children typical of her generation and ps welfare must be feeding her pretty good just look at the slob

  • sam

    Some kids can open the locks on Windows I had to nail my kids Windows shut so they would not get hurt cause they always wanted to play with them

  • jr

    first of all I am a stay at home mom of 5 children from the same husband it would cost too much money for daycare … so my husband works 50 plus hours to support his family …. second of all children and youth were at her home a day before this child fell out of this window why didn’t they do there job by taking those children away? third of all she has a 4 year old daughter in a hospital because she got hurt children are fast they don’t always listen that child is probly crying for her mother the least they could do is let her mother give her a hug and a kiss and explain that she will never be allowed to see her again with supervision …fourth I have a 4 year old son and I know he would be crying for me … my kids are fast the do dumb things they never fell out of a window but like I said they are fast one of my sons climbed out of his high chair and got a knife cut his finger while I let for a minute to go to the bathroom kids are quick and you can child proof all you want to but if they want to do something they will you can’t be there every minute I had them both in there high chairs and gave them some fruit so that they would be busy long enough so I could use the bathroom …. she made a mistake and she will live with it for the rest of her life

    • *

      part of the issue here is that she knew the lock for the window was broken…i personally think that she should have done more to child proof the area by the window by any means you said kids are fast and if they want to do something they will..but the day before they were left unattended and the kids beds were set up by a window that would not lock i personally see a problem with that…things happen but i feel as though things could have been done to prevent this..she gave up her last child and then she doesn’t take care of her other 2..maybe something will finally be done now…

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Wneptv 16 said in one report the window would not latch or lock closed..this women should get herself a smart lawyer and sue the people that own the housing complex for everything they own….wneptv 16 also stated she was in the bathroom, since when is that a crime? if the window would have had a proper lock on it and been locked, then this would have never happened….lawyer up lady and sue, sue, sue…..

    • Dennis

      Yeah, that’s it–blame someone else and sue. Let’s just throw personal responsibility out of the window (no pun intended) and forget that the accused pushed the bed up against the window and left a 4 year old alone. This is another of our country’s growing list of ills—hiring the ambulance chasing lawyer to see if we can hit the “sue, sue, sue” lottery. On that same list of ills are low-lifes like this clan who continue to procreate like vermin. Think about this–if more and more people like these characters keep pumping out welfare recipients while decent hard-working, responsible people have less kids–how long before the former group becomes the majority demanding even more welfare, food stamps, etc.? It is little wonder we are $17 trillion in debt. Here we are, 49 years since Johnson signed the “Great Society” legislation and the problem of poverty has only gotten worse. We’ve wasted that money; created a cycle of generational dependency, decimated families both black and white, and raided the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for it. Is it any wonder why Social Security is projected to go broke in 10 years?? That money was supposed to be untouchable and intended to keep Social Security solvent in perpetuity. All this because liberal politicians figured out the special sauce for keeping a never ending line of people willing to accept government handouts in return for votes; helping to grow big government even more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the end of this movie. Just look at the people in the news clip. How sad and how tragic.

      • Michelle

        U are retarded! Welfare,you don’t get paid for having children.Your girlfriends should stop having abortions and you would have kids. Welfare is for temporary need and it doesn’t cover much. You never know,my job closed after I was there 7 years..Now what?Commit suicide,NO SURVIVE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

      • really?

        @ Michelle, you sound like the retarded one. Welfare was supposed to be temporary but, people like you have made it a way of life. My neighbor has 5 kids by 5 men and hasn’t worked since going on welfare 17 years ago. Or do you consider that temporary?

    • cindy beck

      The mother was negligent that is where she said she was to cover up what she was really doing where was she when they were running around outside unsupervised ..A little girl is injured really bad by her negligents she Should not be rewarded by a lawsuit for her negligents hope they take these children away from this lowlife…

      • SuziQ2014

        The unfortunate thing is if they do end up taking away her children this mother will probably just find another Baby Daddy and pop out more. Seriously…..I don’t see anything wrong with the sterilization of child abusers!

    • ...

      if the latch was broken then she should have made sure that it was fixed and nobody will ever know the true story whether she was sleeping or if she really was in the bathroom and what exactly she was doing in’s a shame that an innocent child has to suffer…

    • lmzs

      did she report to the apartment owners that the window was broke????? And what was her excuse for the other unattended children!

  • noel

    I believe accidents unfortunately happen. I live in the same apartment complex and I can’t tell you how many times I had to yell at my kids to get away from the windows. But thats the point….I was there to them no. These kids were unsupervised on more than one occasion. She is a poor excuse for a Mom. Her financial situation and being on welfare has nothing to do with it. I’m far from rich but my children are well taken care of.

  • Scrantastic

    Oh my God, can we all agree that people on welfare should be sterilized? Or at least force them to take birth control until they pass some sort of equivalency exam to show they’re fit to procreate? Every person involved with this is just absolute trash.

  • Carol Jones

    How is someone not held accountable for this?
    Sentenced and released on bail? SERIOUSLY!!!
    You know there is a problem with the window yet leave the child unattended, never mind the day before the children left alone. How does this happen? I thought we had the children s best interest at top priority.

    These people and the ones who were notified when the children were left alone, should ALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

  • Kathy Smith

    Dammit!STOP calling pieces of crap like that a MOTHER!! Just because something can give birth does NOT make it a MOTHER!!! Start getting your facts right!! Stupid journalists.

  • Anonymous

    The”mother of the year” is outside her home right now. She’s not locked up! She’s got a set standing outside where people can see her!! Omg.

      • lmzs

        Are you 100 lbs? what someone weighs has nothing to do with what they weigh! You know there are people out there that cannot help what they weigh. They can be overweight because of a disability maybe, such as a problem like not being able to walk or be able to exercise, heredity, medications that make you gain weight, exc. Don’t put all overweight people in the same category as these people, or call people harsh names like that please!!!! by saying these things……doesn’t exacting show great signs for the way you were raised to look at people?????

  • angie

    First…this “mother’s” actions and lack of supervision of her children is beyond reprehensible and hopefully she is held fully accountable. That being said, not all mothers relying on assistance are neglectful or lazy. Passing judgment on a whole because of a few is misguided to say the least. And by the way there are plenty of parents not on assistance who neglect their children or worse.

  • Krista

    A child should never have to suffer at the hand of it’s parent. They should sterilize her in prison so she isn’t able to reproduce anymore!

  • She should be jailed for a long time!!

    Are you kidding? That baby is going to be messed up for life. One thing is to make a mistake of having a child when you really shouldn’t have been born in the first place. Another is to mess up a life of another human being before it had a chance to do anything about the environment she born into.

  • Cindy Marseco Beck

    These so called stay at home Moms lol guess they like being home but not to watch their kids just to collect their welfare and food stamps wake up court system and welfare office get these so called Moms into the workforce and let them pay for their own children and not with taxpayer dollars …

    • DE

      So if you feel that way; leave. Worse is done to children in many other countries and I come from a place where all kinds live and come from all places, americans DON’T have the corner market on child neglect! Get your head out of that nasty dark smelly place and you just might see the truth for once in your sad life.

  • Dennis

    And our tax dollars are paying for that. Just look at them. All living on public assistance in Summit Gardens. It makes me sick knowing that the check I just wrote to the IRS subsidizes people like this. Low lifes.

    • Danielle

      It’s ridiculous. I hope she gets what is coming. I beeline she is a senior in high school. Not sure. I pray this little girl ends up in a family that will take care of her. On another note. Not all of the people living there are on some sort of public assistance. While I do not live there, there are elderly and even other people living there and are not on assistance or receiving any welfare at all. I just wanted to make it

    • Amy

      I’m sad and sick to hear that this happened. Please pray for all involved. Dennis and all others I would like you to consider: What would this child’s life be like if Welfare didn’t exist? We all can agree this is a terrible thing that happened to this child. It’s time for us to do something.

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