Medical Marijuana On The Way?

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SCRANTON -- Governor Tom Corbett said this week he has changed his mind about the use of medical marijuana.

"Let's open the door a little. Let's take that next step," he said.

This week, he announced a plan to legalize a medical pot extract to treat children with a severe seizure disorder.

The drug could come in drop or pill form, with a low level of THC, the hallucinogenic chemical in marijuana.

Some people, including parents, in northeastern and central Pennsylvania support that plan.

"I think it's fine as long as the hallucinogen and THC is taken out of it, as long as they're not getting addicted to the drugs," said Christian Jugans, a father in Scranton.

Twenty-one states and Washington D. C. Have broader laws allowing for medical marijuana.

Colorado has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use and so has Washington state.

This year, a bi-partisan state senate bill was introduced, called 'The Compassionate Use of Cannibis Act.

It would allow medical marijuana for people suffering from a variety of illnesses.

At the time, the Governor said he would not sign it until the food and drug administration approved pot for medical purposes.

"Especially if there's a reason you need it, and plus I mean I don't think it's a harmful thing. It's known to help people. It's known to help for medical reasons," said Annie Riley of Scranton.

The Governor has changed his tune, and some people hope that signals the potential for approving medical marijuana for more people.

"My father and I don't get along now, but he lost three fingers when I was five-years-old and he said for PTSD and pain, that's why he did it. It helped him. If it can help bring the pain away, why not?" said Melissa Post of Moscow.

Not everyone agreed with Governor Corbett. Some people said they do not want any kind of marijuana legalized.

"I think it slows down your reaction, and I don't think it should be allowed. I would say, find other ways, find other sources. I don't think it should be allowed," said Eileen Humphrey of Scranton.


  • Me

    Medical or not.

    How is it fair that 2-3 states it is perfectly legal to posses and smoke pot but in the other 47 states you are treated as a hardened criminal. ????????

    It’s either legal or not for the entire country. This Obama and the state and federal politicians are making a mockery of this whole entire debate over legalization.
    This makes no sense, is totally unfair , and this debate needs to go to a national level. Not state by state. I am not a criminal if I smoke pot in Colorado. But in Pa I get sent to prison ????

    Obama needs to step up IMMEDIATELY and determine legal or illegal. Immediately !!!!!!!

    • alcw3

      Governor Tom Corbett would never mention or propose this if his public rating was higher . He is a politician looking for votes .

  • Scott

    Marijuana should be legal.I have chrohn’s colitis (IBD).I can’t take prescripition pain medications because of this disaease and my acid reflux disease it really kills my stomach and marijuana is for chronic pain and gives you a appetite which I need.You should see all these medications that are getting recalls people having heart attacks on them or they are giving you cancer.I have depression also I been trying so many medications to help me and all I get is side affects from them.I go in cold sweats and chest tightness and really bad stomach pains.Come on people and you trust medicines that doctors give now and the past.Marijuanas been around since 1000’s of years ask the indians.Besides I don’t trust all the prescriptions that out now giving your body problems down the line and people say they don’t trust marijuana.It’s been around longer then any other prescriptions now and past prescription drugs and know one ever had a addiction on it know one ever overdosed on it and know one had side effects from it.Also I think they should make alcohol illegal and medical marijuana legal.It’s alcohol that kills.I know my one friend a long time ago smoked marijuana for his chrohns illegally.He would just smoke a little and he could drive while on it and always did.You drive better when you are on marijuana he said because it makes you more alert.Oh my friend was killed drinking and driving.He stopped smoking marijuana and started drinking and became a alcoholic.Well the story says it all.They won’t illegalize alcohol because all the judges and doctors,lawyers,senators,govenor official etc all drink alcohol well a majority of them do,but they have the nerve to say marijuana is bad.Start blaming some prescription drugs like percocets and codeine they are far worse then marijuana and people get addicted to them and can’t drive on them,but not marijuana.It’s a better pain medication then anything out there.No side effect’s no deaths yet and addiction’s yet.I am also tired of hearing how alcohol kills people and somehow marijuana is always involved,but don’t have proof that marijuana did it,but all we know alcohol does kill.Plus it puts people in rehabs and the people’s tax dollars pay for it.If anything probably marijuana would even help alcohol abusers and alcoholism all together because marijuana makes you feel good alcohol does not.It makes you depressed when marijuana helps for depression.I wish my friend kept on smoking and not drinking or he would still be here today.

  • Aggravated

    Hey people look into history of our prescription drugs! A good amount started out from coming from the coca plant and poppies. The medical world (yes the US) still use forms of the “drugs” with medicine today. Most of the time they are synthetics of these drugs. You have no clue what makes up our current prescriptions. Or what helped make prescriptions. So what is the difference of using one herbal for medical reasons and not another. People need to look into the history of medicine before they open there big mouths to say medical marijuana is 100% bad. Everything we put in our bodies has an effect on it, good or bad. Look at the Artifical dyes, sugars, and flavoring a we put in our bodies that are really bad for us. Why aren’t you fighting against our government and the general public on what is in our food.

  • republicans are just as bad as democrates

    So many so called conservatives on this site flap their gums about limited government but when it comes to social issues, their so quick to use the state as a mechanism to enforce their subjective morality on other people. you cant have economic freedom without social freedom. we need to stop wasting government resources on criminalizing people who smoke marijuana for medical purposes. alcohol and prescription medications get people addicted and ruin peoples lives but yet a plant that you cant overdose from and is not addictive, is made illegal because of special interest lobbying. the war on drugs benefits the privately owned prisons and law enforcement and correctional facility unions.

  • Melanie

    Pot is nontoxic and beneficial. If people are not performing well at work for whatever reason, they will lose their jobs eventually. If you don’t like people who find pot pleasing, avoid them and leave them alone – they will rarely bother you.

  • BlondieK

    burtfan > you are right …I am wrong on that fact..poppies are turned into opium and also heroin… sorry. Cocaine is from the leaves of the coca plant …Just hate to see where all these changes starting with legalizing medical mari will lead ?

  • Shawn Stopper

    My bout with MS began on June 10, 1996. I have been waiting on this drug to be legalized for up to eighteen years! Please legalize marijuana for medical purposes!

  • anonymous

    Since when did marijuana have a hallucinogenic in it? Never this is why our government shouldn’t have in office who is in there cause its people like Corbett who have no recollection of certain substances pot has helped many and was a booming economic farming industry when it was first founded PA ranked it top all the time from the success it brought and to call pot a drug is idiotic there is nothing man made in it so how is it a “drug” cigarettes are more of a drug than pot even tho he is trying to bring the bright side finally he needs to get facts straight and understand there is 0 hallucinogens in pot but on a good side maybe pa will finally thrive again

    • Anonymous

      Scientist can prove there is hallucinogenic in it. Pot shouldn’t be smoken unless it’s for medical reasons ONLY and you don’t get so addicted that everything else is nothing to you.

      • Scott

        Prove it that it is a hallucinogenic drug.Prove it.All the people that are complaining about marijuana there is nothing wrong with them.You try being sick and in pain all the time and prescription drugs that are out now all they do is give you side effects and addiction and don’t help with pain or don’t help at all for any illness at all and they take more and more of them and then end up being addicted to them.

  • matt

    That Humphrey lady has no clue what she is even talking about. She should have never have made it into an article, it just shows a fraction of how many closed minded, arrogant, uneducated people such as her are unfortunately still out there. If she was in any way educated she would know that the compound your child needs in the Marijuana is the CBDs (Cannabidiol) which is possible to get on its own with all THC removed. Just ONE of the 60 active miraculous cannabinoids identified in cannabis. THC is the obvious one sure, but it IS non-addictive and anybody with a single molecule of willpower can stop if they pleased. People need to realize needing is different than wanting. I have Lyme’s disease and it has helped me out immensely with eating, sleeping, laughing again, stomach pain from endless antibiotics, horrific anxiety and depression, joint pain, muscle spasms, psychotic episodes… People like Ms. Humphrey are mindless drones still living the lies she was told as a girl in the past, probably popping her pills everyday and feels righteous doing it because some doctor said pharmaceutical heroin is okay for back pain while marijuana is made out to look like something much worse. All because of biased government sanctions and extremely inaccurate studies that they make A LOT of money off of. Thank God they are re-examining this amazing PLANT keyword PLANT. not a drug, a healing PLANT. Hopefully no one screws it all up again.

  • beth

    My son suffers from ADHD, ODD PTSD n a list of other disorders. Takes an list of meds n most of the side effects are psychotic episodes, loss of appetite and r all addictive. But one time he came home , he had been smoking weed, it was the first time he could sit and watch a whole movie with me and when he realized he sat through a whole movie he actually wept. Maybe it won’t answer all prayers, but for kids like my son the marijuana pill would make them able to sit through a movie, a dinner or even a class without needing to be redirected or disciplined for mot being able to focus. Please if there is something as parents we can do just let us know.

  • Chris

    Its about time we stop wasting law enforcement and judicial resources punishing people for nonviolent victimless crimes like drug possession, and allow those who truly need it for medical purposes. we have a problem with prison overpopulation and the war on drugs is the main contributor to that problem.

  • Al Capane

    What’s the Big deal about Pot, it appears that Governor Rendell already legalized Hard Drugs for the MAFIA; Coke / Heroin and Killing and MS13 Thanks ED.


    Why don’t we start importing the Syrian chemical weapon supply to the Casey Highway for disposal, we already have LOVE CANAL under us.

  • Mike

    It’ll be 100% legal in PA within 6 years. The ball is rolling. Once the boys in Harrisburg saw what Colorado is making from the tax. Just like the casinos. No one wanted them either until they saw how much money it would generate for the state.

  • Keith

    go have a drink alcohol destroys more brain cells then marijuana does and people are more susceptible to violence on alcohol then they are on marijuana. More people die from alcohol a year then marijuana, there has never been a proven death due to marijuana.

  • R.W

    I lived with it for 5 years. I seen and felt first hand. How am I wrong? Tell all my scares I’m wrong. Tell the judge who issued the PFA I’m wrong and tell my 6 year old son and my 10 year old daughter I’m wrong. My wife went to rehab to get clean finally but the scares are still here.

  • schopkins1970

    I am in the medical field and its time for people to realize that there is a difference between Medical Marijauna and Street Marajuana. First the harmful substance that causes many complications in street Marajauna is taken out. When administered and taken properly you do not get a “High effect feeling” Like street Marajuana. Medical Marajuana is very beneficial for many people for many medical reasons. But it is also not for everyone either as in the case of other types of Prescription Drugs. Medical Marajuana does have very few side effects. It also has little effects with other Prescription Medication thus when it is Truely Medical Marajuana and not Street Marajuana. This is not a matter of how much money this will bring this truely is about saving peoples lives and doing it with less complications and further risk to the ones whom truely would benefit from Medical Marajuana. As for other street drugs mentioned in these comments they are made up of very harmful substances and synthetic chemicals and many added poisons True Medical Marajuana is 100% Natural. So please never classify True Medical Marajuana in the same class. The Medical Marajuana is grown by Professional Personel who have taken many courses and many many years of training to make sure it is Natural and Safe. Thank you Kindly for reading this. The Medical Professionals truely want to help not harm anyone.

    • schopkins1970

      I do appologize for my spelling. I just got home from a 12 hour shift. Im typing this on a cell phone. Im sorry you think that but i am a RN Nurse in the Emergency Department. I Graduated in 1993 from Reading School Of Nurseing. If you would like to come and talk not only my self but my co- workers both Doctors and Nurses would be more than happy to sit down and talk to you. I work 12 hrs. a day 6 days a week. It would be our pleasure to further discuss this matter with you.

    • schopkins1970

      I wish you much luck on finding that one Hospital that has staff that works minimal hours. We can not just leave because we worked 8 or so hours. We go in early and stay late. We miss many important things with our family. We work Holidays weekends. We stay when others cannot come in. We have no time to sleep on the job. We are always short staffed because there is not enough of us to deal with hundreds of people coming through our doors everyday. Yes we are over worked and under paid. We see many many tragic things that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. But you need not worry we will do our best to treat you if you if happen to be one of the unlucky ones to come through our doors. We are here for you 24/7.

    • Noob

      This is not true. By being in the medical field do you mean you are student at McCann?

      There is nothing taken out of medical marijuana that prevents you from getting high with the exception of the high CBD strain used for children with seizure disorders.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Good god, 30 years ago it was the “war on drugs”, now it’s good for everyone? I’m not for or against it, I’m just wondering what were supposed to believe anymore. Be it religion or politicians or whatever. If PC opinion can flip flop each generation, what does anything matter? It’s just all nuts.

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