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Medical Marijuana On The Way?

SCRANTON — Governor Tom Corbett said this week he has changed his mind about the use of medical marijuana.

“Let’s open the door a little. Let’s take that next step,” he said.

This week, he announced a plan to legalize a medical pot extract to treat children with a severe seizure disorder.

The drug could come in drop or pill form, with a low level of THC, the hallucinogenic chemical in marijuana.

Some people, including parents, in northeastern and central Pennsylvania support that plan.

“I think it’s fine as long as the hallucinogen and THC is taken out of it, as long as they’re not getting addicted to the drugs,” said Christian Jugans, a father in Scranton.

Twenty-one states and Washington D. C. Have broader laws allowing for medical marijuana.

Colorado has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use and so has Washington state.

This year, a bi-partisan state senate bill was introduced, called ‘The Compassionate Use of Cannibis Act.

It would allow medical marijuana for people suffering from a variety of illnesses.

At the time, the Governor said he would not sign it until the food and drug administration approved pot for medical purposes.

“Especially if there’s a reason you need it, and plus I mean I don’t think it’s a harmful thing. It’s known to help people. It’s known to help for medical reasons,” said Annie Riley of Scranton.

The Governor has changed his tune, and some people hope that signals the potential for approving medical marijuana for more people.

“My father and I don’t get along now, but he lost three fingers when I was five-years-old and he said for PTSD and pain, that’s why he did it. It helped him. If it can help bring the pain away, why not?” said Melissa Post of Moscow.

Not everyone agreed with Governor Corbett. Some people said they do not want any kind of marijuana legalized.

“I think it slows down your reaction, and I don’t think it should be allowed. I would say, find other ways, find other sources. I don’t think it should be allowed,” said Eileen Humphrey of Scranton.


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