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Four Enter Guilty Pleas For Home Invasion

MONTROSE — Four people pleaded guilty Friday to various charges in connection with a home invasion in Susquehanna County.

Erica Major, along with Dylan Brewer, Evan Hess, and Francis Muchanic are accused of forcing their way into a home near Gibson in January.

Troopers say the homeowner’s gun went off during a struggle, hitting Muchanic.

All four are locked up and are scheduled to be sentenced later this month.


  • Chris

    Every home and business owner should conceal carry to protect themselves from degenerates like this. i guarantee the crime rate would drop if you killed a couple of these people.

  • Need Paul Kersey to clean up the streets.......

    I believe in protecting ones HOME WITH ANY FORCE NECESSARY! Ya just a burden now on tax payers. I have some ideas how to clean up the prisons. hmmmm you figure it out:)


  • Jim Brony

    Shame the homeowners gun didn’t go off four times. Oh, and Evan, there’s something on your chin. You’ll get used to hearing that though once Bubba introduces himself.

  • DE

    Maybe the next time the other three won’t be so lucky, so better off not being a next time dudes!

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