Couple Charged in Baby’s Death

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  • Janet

    Funny how if a child passes away in there crib they call it crib death but if a child passes away in the parents bed its murder get real people I think the judge and cops have it out for these parents

  • Cathy Yutko (@cyutko)

    I read a lot more on this story. The parents, 22 and 23, have 3 or 4 other kids (?) and they were all sleeping in the bed. When the parents woke up and the baby was unresponsive, they called the ambulance and the baby went to the hospital without the parents, where the baby was pronounced dead (the parents were still at home). The hospital called and asked the parents to come, and the mother said they had no ride, so the police took her to the hospital. How can parents let their dead child in the hospital alone?

  • emma ryzner

    these people were complete and total morons and dont deserve another chance to kill an innocent baby because they are insane.

  • Kyle

    They’re known ex(or possibly still current) drug abusers and have had charges against them for that. In and out of rehab, trouble with the law. Look, I don’t even think it’s so much the child’s death as the parents themselves. Sure, it’s not ok for the police to assume they did anything wrong until the autopsy and the cause of death is actually determined. You also have to realize, that it’s a small town, and once you’re on the police radar they LOOK for reasons to harass you.

  • E

    What do you expect in this country? I’m surprised they’re not pushing for the parents to register as sex offenders!

  • jen

    I agree with almost everyone-millions of parents cosleep with their children what kind of idiot judge would put them in jail???! You have got to be kidding me! Good parents co-sleep-that’s why they do it! GOD BLESS THEM-HE WILL BE THE RIGHT JUDGE OF THIS !

  • s

    i know these parents personally the mom is my bestfriends sister. they loved their baby and are very crushed by this and are grieving by this. it is so messed up there in jail because of there sons death. i cosleep with my son every night since he was about 5 months old. they are such great parents they dont deserve this. and obviously when she woke up to her baby not breathing she woke up everyone else who was sleeping and called the cops or ambulance and when they got there they didnt wotness her and her 3 other kids in the bed. and obviously she didnt tell the cops she sleeps in bed with all of her kids .. no the cops twister her saying that she coslept with all of her children (meaning when they were babies so at different times) i personally know all the children sleep in there own beds beside the youngest @tay these parents should not be grieving in a jail cell, they should be with their other children. rest in peace baby boy

  • Tay

    This is more to the story! Search it and read the local reports! They say It wasnt just a mother and father sleeping with their baby between them, there were four other children in the bed also.
    I believe co-sleeping is healthy when done safely. Having an infant in bed with four older children is not safe and therefore they were endangering the welfare of the child. They made a bad decision, and there were consequences. Unfortunately, a young, precious life was lost.

  • Tara

    Im sure the parents didn’t purposely put the child in danger ….but its sooooo important to put your babies in their crib…you can roll over on your baby and suffocate them….I don’t know what happened in this situation but sooo sad for the family..God Bless the little baby!

  • Sara

    That is bogus!!! Are they running out of people to harass! I had a friend who’s baby died while sleeping with her. He died of SIDS nothing she did. That could be the case here as we’ll!!

  • Melvin

    I feel like this article is at least two paragraphs short of actually reporting the story. No offense meant to WNEP staff but…

  • Mae

    I slept with all five of my children in the same bed and they’re all fine. I can’t imagine what those poor parents are going through right now.. I feel it’s natural for a mother to sleep beside her child.It’s terrible that this poor baby passed but it’s not like the parents left him unattended. The whole putting your child in danger charge is ridiculous for sleeping next to your child. They’re in enough pain right now..

  • Jeanie

    I co-sleep with my 19 month old every night and have done so since he was born. I did the same with my other children. I can’t imagine something so horrible hppening and then to face Criminal charges. I co-sleep because I believe it’s beneficial, not neglectful. I’m so sorry for the family.

  • jen

    My son ALWAYS slept with me when he was a baby. He’s perfectly fine. Do people not realize there is a thing called SIDS? The poor child could’ve stopped breathing in his crib.

  • DE

    I don’t know how this happens unless they rolled over on him or he got stuck between them..we were just lucky I guess? My son wouldn’t sleep unless he started ut in our bed..he was colicky. What’s even more concerning is getting charged for child endangerment by having your baby sleep in your bed! Guess ixnay on that anymore!

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