Woman Accused of Stealing from Youth Football Program


KINGSTON TOWNSHIP — Authorities in Luzerne County arrested a woman who they believe stole from a youth football program.

Authorities said Holly Bolesta, the former treasurer of the Kingston Township Raiders, wrote several checks to herself, totaling almost $20,000.

Bolesta is out on bail.


  • JoAnn

    This is so heartbreaking. .People work hard for their money. . The poor INNOCENT CHILDREN dont deserve this..I don’t care what promoted a person to steal from children but I can say there is NO JUSTIFICATION in doing so…This seem to be happening in alot of youth organizations…The checks books should be transparent and accessible for everyone to view…

    • sorry cant

      She is not the only one, Christa Manning from Kiss also got fired for theft last week. It is so sad the poor kids.

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