Students and WWII Vets Share Lunch, Stories

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ESPY -- Some students from Central Columbia School District in Columbia County took their history lesson outside the classroom. They joined about 75 World War II veterans from the Susquehanna Valley for lunch.

The students and the vets seemed to learn a lot from each other.

The Susquehanna Valley World War II veterans group meets once a month for lunch at the Espy fire hall near Bloomsburg. This month they had some special guests: 20 middle and high school students from the Central Columbia School District.

"I like it very much to see the children. I love the kids. I lost my only son when he was 19," said Joe Diblin of Northumberland.

The students are in Central Columbia's Modern American History class and are learning about World War II. Meeting and talking with these 75 veterans helped them take their lesson outside the classroom.

"We got to listen to some stories they had, and also they shared what flights they flew and all different kinds of stories," said junior Devon Sanders.

"Just, like, how they served and what they served in. It was really hard for some of them to talk about it," said sixth grader Jessica Kishbaugh.

The Susquehanna Valley World War II veterans group meets once a month for lunch at the espy fire hall. They say this month is extra special because of the students.

"I think it's real good to learn a little bit more than what they can read about. They get it firsthand. It would be a good help for them," said Harold Moss of Benton.

"Perhaps they can get a little American history from the veterans," said Diblin.

"It means a lot," added Sanders. "We have this great opportunity that not many students get and I just want to thank everyone for their services."

Both the students and the veterans say they learned a lot from each other even though they are generations apart.