Detective Details Evidence At Murder Trial

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SCRANTON -- The Jason Dominick murder trial continued Thursday in Lackawanna County.

Witnesses talked about when the victim, Frank Bonacci, went missing last July and how his accused killers took part in the search effort.

Prosecutors from the Lackawanna County district attorney's office called witnesses to the stand who were involved in the search to find Bonacci last July. All of them told jurors that the two men charged with his murder - Jason Dominick and Neil Pal, both of Scranton - helped with the search and showed concern for Bonacci.

Scranton Police Detective Michael Schultz testified about phone records and video surveillance that he says incriminate Jason Dominick and Neil Pal.

Det. Schultz testified that police have surveillance video showing Neil Pal and Jason Dominick driving Frank Bonacci toward the area where his body was found.

Det. Schultz also said he found a note on Jason Dominick's phone that he believes to be a suicide note.

We also heard the 911 call from the man who found Bonacci's body in his SUV down a 70-foot ravine near an area in Scranton known as the step falls.

Dominick and Pal were charged with murder only a few days after Bonacci's body was found.

Prosecutors will likely to wrap up their case Friday, meaning the defense should take over next week. That's when Dominick's attorney will try to prove his theory that Pal, not Jason Dominick, shot Bonacci.