Auctioning Off Blight In Sunbury

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There’s an effort in Northumberland County to rid the city of Sunbury of its blighted properties.

Thursday evening city officials auctioned off some of those eyesores.

Interested buyers gathered around this abandoned property on Edison Avenue in Sunbury, looking for a potential steal on this two unit house.

“I want to thank everybody for betting a part of our rehab that we`re doing in the city, you`re going to hear a little bit of legal issues and then we`ll get on with the bidding,” Mayor David Persing told the crowd.

The city`s Redevelopment Authority was auctioning off five blighted properties in an effort to reduce eyesores around Sunbury.

Walt Deivler of Northumberland Borough snatched up a condemned building for roughly 11 grand, with the intent of turning it into a one unit house.

“This is a business for me, this is all I do, buy houses, fix them up, sell them, that`s all I do,” said Deivler.

And the city`s fight on blight was already working over on Julia Street.

Jeffrey and Lauren Duttry bought an empty lot that sits next to their home, and friends and family were immediately busy cleaning it up.

“Very excited, I finally have a yard for our dog, and it`s a nice addition to our home so we`re very happy,” said Lauren.

People living around those properties are pleased with the effort.

“Well I`m glad they`re cleaning the area out. I`m hopeful they get nice neighbors in there,” said Martha Emery.

The mayor said the sold properties will also continue to benefit Sunbury.

“I`ll guarantee we haven`t collected a dime in taxes on this property in 15 years,” said Persing. “This time next year we`ll be getting school taxes, city taxes, water and things like that”

There will be another five properties auctioned off in Sunbury on Thursday, May 8.

Auctions will be held at each location in half hour intervals:

  1. 5 p.m. 702 Chestnut Street (lot)
  2. 5:30 p.m. 310 and 312 S. Front Street (lot)
  3. 6 p.m. 139-141 Church Street (building)
  4. 6:30 p.m. 128-130 South Street (lot)
  5. 7 p.m. 152 Bainbridge Street (building)