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Wal-mart Now Rolling Back Prices on Auto Insurance

EAST STROUDSBURG — Wal-mart is known for rolling back prices on paper towels, pet food and home décor. Now the retail giant announced is getting into the business of rolling back prices on auto insurance policies.

We found Lyndsey Mitchelson filling up near Wal-mart in East Stroudsburg.

“It’s pretty surprising to me, I mean, yeah, they’re a big grocery vendor and they’re kind of the big name out here, but to find out they’re branching out that far is kind of weird to me,” said Mitchelson.

Wal-mart says it’s partnering with to give Wal-mart shoppers a new quick and easy way to save money. The site will allow customers to get competing quotes from several car insurance providers.

Annie Cole of Stroudsburg says she already has insurance for her Lincoln and has no plans to shop around for new quotes.

“Does it interest you enough that you would look into it yourself?”

“No. no,” said Cole.

Policies can only be purchased online. Wal-mart will have ads in stores and links of its website directing people to its partner

But some local agents say buying your car insurance through the same store you get your food, clothes and more just isn’t a good fit for drivers.

“I really don’t believe that’s the place to shop for your insurance. I don’t think you can take it off the hanger and it will fit you,” said RBLA of PA General Insurance President John Martone.

Martone sells insurance right on Main Street in Stroudsburg and says he always tells his clients about different options for liability and coverage. He says that buying car insurance based solely on price could lead to trouble down the road.

“Like you’re ordering Chinese food, you tell them what you want and they’re going in and they’re not counseling the insured on what they should have,” said Martone.

But Mitchelson says the low prices may be the wave of the future for young drivers looking for a deal.

“I feel like going online would be the right thing, because even though I don’t have someone to help me through it that’s how most of what I do is done right now is online,” said Mitchelson.


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