Rabbits Available For Adoption

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- Some rabbits seized last week from a barn in Lycoming County are up for adoption.

Some of the rabbits are at the SPCA in Williamsport.

About 50 rabbits were living in what the SPCA describes as "horrifying conditions" with no food or water in the barn near Montgomery.

Officials said10 of the animals died.

Some of those rabbits rescued were pregnant and have since given birth.

The SPCA says animal cruelty charges are pending against the owners.

Contact the Lycoming County SPCA at (570) 322-4646.


  • Ryder

    Adopting would be a great help especially many bunnies are abandoned after Easter. Adopting a bunny is like adding a new member in the family, so this requires a lot of thinking. If you think you could commit and be responsible enough to provide and to take care of a pet then please adopt one.

  • meg

    You can’t take rabbits from a place that they may have been eating poison and just feed them to people. Some people do treat them as pet just like CATS and DOGS… just like people love their fish or turtles or any other creatures they keeps as “pets”. To some it becomes an illness they can not control and sadly the animals suffer. Rabbits are an animal that can get sick fast and can die if it doesn’t eat in 24 hours. They can require surgeries if they are over bread, they can develop diabetes just like our cats and dogs can. I love my meat, and i do love the taste of rabbit (but i want to know that it was properly raised to eat and not from a shelter).

  • Ashley Dancho

    I’m not sure I believe anything the SPCA s say unless I see it myself. Were these rabbits really that bad or are they just animal rights extremists that went Crazy because the “bunnies ” were to be eaten. I thought it was weird that that man was carrying on about them being house pets like cats and dogs. They sure aren’t to me or any of my friends. They are meat animals the same as other farm animals. We hunt them too. Not everyone is a vegan or vegetarian . Too many people trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. I know everyone has their own beliefs, I just would never even consider keeping an animal like a rabbit in my home. Wild rabbits live outside just fine. These rabbits could offer some protein to people that are hungry. Put people first. They would rather make house pets out of them than feed hungry people. Dogs and cats are meat eaters too. They could also cook them as some nice lean meat for the animals. Lots of people I know raise rabbits and chickens to butcher for meat for their dogs.

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